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    New Idea for Sex Education - Mutual Masturbation

    created by Severyna 2016 days 23 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    New Idea for Sex Education - Mutual Masturbation

    A friend brought up an intresting idea to me last night. We were talking about what they teach in sex ed. and how successful it is. He said that he though they should not only teach about pregnancy and protection during intercourse but other ways to get intimacy without actual intercourse. Mainly, he thought they should teach the concept of mutual masturbation. At first I was a bit shocked. That might be a little much, which is what I told him, but he brought up some good reasons as to why he thought it would be beneficial.

    For one, young adults have a natural desire to explore sexuality, it's all new to them. This would let them explore without having to have the risk of STDs and pregnancy. It would provide intimacy between them, as they would be doing something sexually pleasurable together. It would also give them some experience with the opposite sex. Watching how each other pleasures themselves would be a way to understand how best they like to be touched.

    There are some draw backs. I wonder if teens would stop at mutual masturbation, and not allow it to just become a prelude to intercourse. Also, some people feel any sort of sexual conduct taught to youths is possibly detrimental.

    I would love to know what everyone's thoughts are on this. Do you think it would be beneficial or not to teach mutual masturbation in sex ed.?

    Re: New Idea for Sex Education - Mutual Masturbation

    Well, as someone very intimately acquianted with the workings of our education system I would say that absolutely would not fly. ever. There's simply no way any board would allow any curriculum of that sort to fly, atleast not yet. Though I do see its potential benefit, I have a hard time with sex ed. I am personally someone who keeps my bedroom to myself. It hasn't always been that way, I have in the past been acted a little, uh, lustly, and I have in the past conducted some of my affairs in a "kiss and tell" manner. I no longer act that way, and quite frankly, anytime some one even remotely intrudes on my space it simply makes me uncomfortable.

    I feel that most kids need the educational part of it- the STD scares, the period video, and all the other sick, uncomfortable things sex ed is meant to be made up of. Beyond that, there is little that could be taught in a school setting that would effect these kids. Unfortunately, alot of the other stuff, the actual action and morality of it, comes from practice, learning, and THE PARENTS. It's a touchy topic, but more and more frequently, these topics aren't broached because it's put off as something that is "taken care of" in school, which is clearly not the case. Sex should never be taken lightly- no matter what the form- touching, mutual masturbation, actual intercourse, or otherwise- this can only be handled in the necessary ways by the children themselves and their parents.

    Re: New Idea for Sex Education - Mutual Masturbation

    I wouldn't be against it getting mentioned, but...there isn't really a way to teach something like that. Unless you just say, "This is where you masturbate in front of one another." Boom. End of lesson.

    I don't think this would really change anything. Two teens masturbating in front of each other will eventually start to do things to each other, and there's nothing wrong with that. I don't think it would provide any sort of revolutionary new way to keep teens away from having sex. Also, teens wouldn't need to be told to do that. Kids come up with their own sexual routines, and that's one thing that some kids will explore without a teacher saying it's a good alternative.

    *shrugs* I'm not against it, it just seems pointless to me.

    Re: New Idea for Sex Education - Mutual Masturbation

    I have to agree with Princess; while I'm not against the idea, what's the real point in it? Why teach kids how to be intimate without having sex? Don't they have porn to reference for those things? Besides, half the fun of sex is exploring what feels good for YOU. As far as I'm concerned, teach safe-sex in schools (not this abstinence-only bullshit) and let them find their sexual rituals on their own. It's not the school's job to give them ideas.

    Re: New Idea for Sex Education - Mutual Masturbation

    Hmmm, I think there need to be some changes to sex ed, I really do. But, as to where to begin-idk, I honestly have no clue. Maybe we should break sex ed into 2 classes, one in 9th grade and again in 11th? I think the first sex ed class should "scare" the living daylight out of them. I think they should talk about the STD's and I think they should show labor and then they should also talk about the money (how much it is to raise a child, and the hard statistics that go along with it) for example how many hs pregnancies end up being a single parent, and how many drop out of school. And then in 11th grade talk about mutaual masterbation, and other options that isn't sex. But, again also talk about the STD's that can be associated with "other options." I feel that conservatives and parents alike would throw a fit, and this will probably never be the case. But, kids are not idiots, and they are natually curious, why not teach them "safe" practices? Also I think at the end of every class they should pass out flyers to get the morning after pill, and flyers and phone numbers to get "the pill." And, lastly I believe they should pass out condoms to every person in the room. Honestly how many of us had our first, while we were hs students?

    Re: New Idea for Sex Education - Mutual Masturbation

    I agree with everyone that mutual masturbation curriculum would never be allowed in schools. My sex ed was basically useless, and we only spent about 2 weeks doing stupid things like memorizing all of the reproductive organ parts (does knowing where the urethra is really benefit me in reality? no). I think that schools need to have open access to condoms and birth control pills because no matter how much parents don't want to admit it, teens are having sex! Sex ed also fails to cover alternatives to sex and potential risks...teens believe that oral sex is safer and have no idea what risks it could result in. I think having a teen mother come in and discuss her life with a child, someone who has experienced an STD, and other real life examples would really hit home for students. I also think that anonymously asking questions and having open discussions in class to answer those questions would be the most beneficial way to dispel myths about sex. I think that alternatives to intercourse should be discussed, including mutual masturbation, but the course would not be focused on it.