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    GLEE Controversy

    created by Keymojax 2951 days 10 hours 7 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    GLEE Controversy

    Sex or Voilance on TV.....

    On Tuesday nite episode of glee cheerleaders Brittany and Santana engaged in a sexy steaming scence which included rolling around in the bed and kissing.Lots of parents were upset with this episode of Glee because of the acts that were being performed.

    The topic was discussed on a local radio station.The question was asked if you would rather have your kids or siblings watch sex on tv or voilence?

    Whats your take on this?

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    Re: GLEE Controversy

    Who cares, its just sex.

    End of story.

    Re: GLEE Controversy

    There was another controversy with Glee characters lately. The main singer girl (I'm TOTALLY unfamiliar with the show and characters) was shown in a magazine in panties, a jacket, socks, and heels with her legs spread open on a bench. Many were disgusted by it because it was only published in a magazine for men and the woman (who is in her mid-twenties) plays a high school girl on TV. Many claimed it was bordering on pedophelia.

    While I'm all for freedom of speech, press, etc., I can sympathize with those who are disturbed by this. The woman is old enough to decide what she wants to do and what she feels comfortable with, but as a woman, it's awfully disappointing to see talented artists receiving attention for their sexual appeal. It's too common. It's teaching people that sexuality is pretty much all a woman has to offer. I was really torn on the subject.

    In my opinion, let the women who "specialize" in trashy photos take the trashy photos. Represent the artists for what they're worth: their art.

    Re: GLEE Controversy

    I’m torn on this one because on the one hand I don’t like kids so I’m not sure how the hell I would raise them if the time ever came.

    I can’t relate to parents, because my libertarian self wants to tell you; there should be freedom to do whatever the hell you want, and if you are offended, overt your eyes.

    But on the other hand sex and violence desensitizes young minds and makes them believe that tv is a mirror to real life, which isn’t the case.

    But on the third hand (I’m running out of hands) I want to say; show all the kissing you want because being having an open discourse about sex is only going to be beneficial for society so much more good and truthful information will come out… people are not privileged animals, we are still animals, and will have sex so you may as well take the taboo and stigma out of it already.

    Lastly, “Brittany and Santana” is what made it controversial (I’m taking a wild guess and saying Santana is a girl)… let’s get real if it was “Brittany and Robert, Dave or Michael” then it wouldn’t have been such a big deal. I actually applaud networks for showing various relationships.

    Re: GLEE Controversy

    I would let my kids watch it if they are from 11. When kids are 11, they get curious about many things, so I think it is better to open with them gradually than let them discover themselves.

    It is useless if parents try to hide from kids those things, because sooner or later they will know that, why don't we open with them and then teach them how to act right than let them find out it alone and make mistakes out of it.

    I have a friend who is living in France. When she went camping in with her high school friends, her dad put a condom in her backpack. He said he didn't encourage her to do it, but if she did it, then she know how to do it safe!

    Same here, kids- teenagers enjoy Glee so much, and if parents just uses their power to stop them watch it, then they just become more distant to parents. If I were a parent, I will enjoy watching with them and talk to them as friend talk to friends. Of course I wouldn't force them to stop watch their favorite TV show, but I would share my thought and ask them to think about that.

    Re: GLEE Controversy

    Honestly I think the only reason it's controversial is because I know a lot of young kids watch this show and it's just the fact that it was two lesbians. I'm sure if it were a guy and a girl it wouldn't have been in the radio or the "hot topic" of the day. People make big deals about lesbians. I don't know if you noticed but it used to be if there were any lesbian scenes in a movie at all, even just kissing, it was instantly rated R. Even if it was the same movie with a straight couple it would have not trouble getting a PG-13 rating. Same thing goes for TV shows. People act like if their kids see same sex people kissing on TV/movies it's the end of the world. But that same parent would be more than okay with taking them to a violent film full of insinuating sex scenes with a straight couple and murder. :)

    Re: GLEE Controversy

    Thanks everyone for the comments.I havent heard anything lately about this subject but i know for a fact it will come-up again.I just dont see what the big deal is tho.its so many other things in the "world" that we need to worry about than a show showing to chicks getting it on.I mean seriously tho.has anyone watched tv,violence,racistism,etc...i mean comeon =)