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    Internet Television

    created by Ryan00101010 3028 days 14 hours 13 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    Internet Television

    I don’t watch television on cable anymore. Between youtube and Hulu and pirate sites I just don’t find it worthwhile to pay a cable bill each month. I always try to find a legal method to watch a show. I find Hulu has a lot of restrictions though. You can only watch the last 5 episodes of most shows and some shows are on a delay after the cable version. House, for instance is put online 8 days after it is shown on television. That means I am constantly at least an episode behind.

    I understand that with only the 1 commercial they usually play, they don’t get as much money as they do on television and they don‘t get the payments from the local networks so they don’t get as much money online. But why is there ever only 1 commercial? And don’t they make money off all those other adds on the screen? Doesn’t that add up to more than anything they could get from the free On-demand offerings?

    What do you think? Is internet television viable as a money maker for networks? And if it is, what will happen to the cable system we have set up currently?

    Re: Internet Television

    Hulu plus has come out and is only $10 a month. It shows all of the episodes for a show instead of the last five episodes and you can watch hulu on the ps3, iphone, and xbox. I'm sure you probably heard about it but it is better than cable. I just heard about it yesterday.

    I'm sure this might become competition for cable providers but the fact that you need a computer instead of a simple tv is what really doesn't help the accessibility factor. Computer screens are small and i'm sure more than one person will want to watch the screen which can get crowded, but there is also a way to connect your comp to the tv screen so that might help as well.

    Re: Internet Television

    Dmanjr pretty much hit the main points I was going to mention in my post. I specifically wanted to emphasize that while internet TV is a viable way of earning revenue and will be or already is competition for cable providers, the quality of shows could be the main deciding factor for most. Connecting the computer to the TV screen is a genius idea, but we would be assuming that all the households that are entertaining this option have both a computer and a TV.

    Also, I'm not sure how much money could really be saved going this route because I know that most families bundle their phone, TV, and internet connections with one company. Is internet more expensive on its own? If so, the savings probably won't be substantial enough for consumers to sacrifice quality of picture.

    Re: Internet Television

    I mainly watch anime and Man vs food but my apartment pays for the cable bill!