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    Too young for love?

    created by jonathanmoran 3316 days 22 hours 43 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Too young for love?

    There is always that saying, "your too young for love." Is that saying really true? I can tell you right now from experience that there is no such thing. Everyone can experience love, there is no age requirement. People will learn there lesson at certain ages about love like teenagers and young adults. From there, they would use there experience from there previous relationship and hopefully not make the same mistake they made before. Love is a feeling, an emotion and you cant be too young or too old to experience it. There is also no criteria for it, it just depends on how you see it, not what anyone thinks. For my experience, i went out with a girl for 9 months and i can say that i loved her. But when we broke up, i can admit i was heartbroken. I learned alot from this experience and used it to help me throughout my life. What do you guys think?? Do you think experiencing love young can help in the long run at life?

    Re: Too young for love?

    I don't think there is any age too young for love itself. There are so many kinds of love, though.

    Personally, I get really frustrated when I see 8th graders say that "This is the one. I love him with all my heart," and whatnot. I think that their judgment is clouded by puppy love and the want to be older than they are. I also think that there is a big different between 'love' and 'in love'. It's easy to love boyfriends and girlfriends, but I think actually being IN LOVE is a whole different concept. Those two words should be taken more seriously when a couple gets older and moves into their next stages in life together.

    I suppose it really just depends on the situation. But I do agree- all ages are capable of loving in one way or the other.

    Re: Too young for love?

    I agree. I do not think you are ever to young for love to some extent. I do know that when you are young, love and lust get confused. However, love is a feeling. You cannot place an age requirement on a feeling.

    Yes, there is a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. One thing wrong with the English language is that there is only one word for "love" yet there are so many kinds of love. For instance, I love chocolate, but i also love my friends and family. I don't believe the love of chocolate and the love of people can go in the same category. There needs to be another word to describe the feeling. Similarly, when I get married I am going to love my husband. The love of my husband is going to be entirely different than my love for God. Some things that we say we "love" are entirely different.

    But back to the point- You are never to young to love. You may not be IN LOVE with someone, but you are still capable of loving someone or something :)

    Re: Too young for love?

    totally agree with you =]

    Re: Too young for love?

    If we do not learn love in an attached and stable way as babies, we will have a hard time learning proper attachments as children ... but we'll keep looking.

    If we don't have genuinely affectionate relationships we can count on as kids, we'll have a hard time with healthy attachments as teens ... but we'll keep looking.

    If we don't learn that there's a difference between affection and sexual attraction, and a difference between sexual attraction and love in our teens, we'll probably get seriously hurt and do some real damage to other people as adults ... but we'll keep looking.

    And if we don't learn how to commit our lives, our attention, our focus and our affection to tending a permanent relationship as an adult, so that we can raise babies in attached and stable ways, we'll ruin more lives than our own.

    But always, in a thousand healthy and unhealthy ways, we keep looking. We're built to love. Figuring out how is the trick.

    Re: Too young for love?

    I would not say that you could be too young for love, but you can definitly be too young to get married. I know this from experience. I started "going with" my first husband when I was 13, we were madly in love. He was my best friend and we had so much in common. We married right out of high schoool. I turned 18 in April and we married in May. He was almost a year older than me. I was ready to grow up and be an adult, he wasn't. The marriage only lasted about 1.5 years.

    Re: Too young for love?

    I dont find this statement to be true either. My parents told me I couldnt date until I was 16 which I didnt really understand. I wasnt focused on boys before then anyway, it was all about my school work. I have been in a relationship for over two years. I have learned alot and i'm sure what I have learned will help me in the long run.

    Re: Too young for love?

    Yes, absolutely! The word 'love' is one of the most abused words in the English language. Before one can truly love another, that one must first have learned to love self. It bothers me to see young people draping themselves all over each other in public. They show no respect for self nor others. Many don't understand the phrase "too young for love." Simply put, you can't share what you don't possess, you can't teach what you don't know, you can feel affection, but love takes time to grow. Couples go about proclaiming love from the mountaintop and end relationships at the first real disagreement. Parents are not trying to keep you from what you may call love as a penalty, but as protection. The heart is strong, but fragile. When not properly groomed, it will scab over, harden, and form scar tissue. The problem with this is the heart has suffered so much abuse during this time that when someone who knows how to love God, self, and others comes along there's no room to receive. That heart now cowers at the word 'love' in remembrance of past hurts associated with the term. The greatest love of all is inside self. If you can love who you see when you are alone in the mirror, then you can conquer the world.

    Re: Too young for love?

    To young for, but, I agree there are several levels of love. Whithout the love of fine, giving, and affectionate parents, as a child you will not know how to recognize or return the same.
    As a teen, without experencing puppy love, you will not know how to recongnize or appreciate the real thing when you are ready for it.

    Re: Too young for love?

    I agree with an amalgamation of what a number of other people have said.

    You cannot be too young for love, but you can be to young to know what it is to be 'in love'.

    At the same time, youth and inexperience can make infatuation seem like love. You might think you love the person, but you REALLY dont in the truest sense of the word.

    Time for me to renig on what i have said. I have been dating my girlfriend since a few weeks after i graduated High School, and we have been together for over 4.5 years now. I love her today like i loved her in high school. I was young, but i was in love and still am.

    My answer: You cannot be too young to love, but you can be young enough not to know what love is.

    Re: Too young for love?

    You can also experience love through relationships with family or friends. At a young age, we understand love. We love our parents and our siblings. We apply those feelings to other relationships that we encounter in life. Although you may not know how to define love, we have all been there in some way or another.

    Re: Too young for love?

    Most of you of have said there are many different kinds of love, and I agree. You learn to love your parents, siblings and other family members first, then friends and teachers/adult friends (which is "agape" love) and
    eventually a boyfriend or girlfriend. (which is a mix of "eros" and agape love) Even though everyone has not had or understands the eros kind of love, everyone has experienced other forms of love in one way or another.

    What I'm trying to say is that I don't think anyone is too young for love. Love comes when you're ready for it but most of the time it comes when you're not and you learn something from that experience. You can be too young to understand what love is but I don't think love has an age restriction.

    Just be patient and work on getting to know yourself and what you want in life so that you can approach your next relationship more maturely. Which I'm sure you will do. :)