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    Finding true happiness

    created by SuccessIsTheKey 3323 days 1 hour 31 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Finding true happiness

    True happiness is not made in getting something. True happiness is becoming something. This can be done by being committed to lofty goals. We cannot become something without commitment. -Marvin J. Ashton

    Where does your happiness come from?
    What makes you happy?
    If the world turn its' back on you, how do you restore yourself back to your happy place?
    What does this quote mean to you and how can it help you with todays issues?

    Re: Finding true happiness

    Oh I love this thread... I love the discussion of happiness.

    My happiness usually comes mainly from my faith. And after my faith- it all comes off from there. My faith gives the hope to believe, to love, to wish, and to hope.

    If the world turns its back on me, I will always have my faith.

    Im sorry if this sounds repetitive but I'm not sure how to put this into better words.

    Re: Finding true happiness

    I really need to figure out what makes me happy. Because at this point, I don't know what does. sometimes I think that being rich would make me happy, but then I'm sure that if I won a million dollars tomorrow, I would still feel as unhappy as I am today...

    Re: Finding true happiness

    I am happy because God loves me. He loves me more than I could ever love anybody else. Love makes me happy. I love pole. When I am around people that I know love me. I am happy.
    A few months ago, I was in my friends house watching a movie. I had not seen her in several months. She fell asleep during the movie. I just sat next to her and was so happy, because I was just happy to see her.

    Re: Finding true happiness

    Similarly to Claire389008, I am happy because God loves me. It is an unconditional love that lacks a word for description. It is the feeling that someone is always going to be behind you and will never let you down. It is a wonderful feeling :)

    My family and friends definitely make me happy. My best friend knows just what to say to make me smile :) shes my other half!

    If the world turns its back on me, I lean on God. He gets me through the hard times.

    Re: Finding true happiness

    My happiness comes from the kindness of family, friends, and strangers.

    Being cared about makes me happy, as does seeing people care from each other.

    When happiness is elusive, I turn to exercising and drinking water to refocus. Odd, but it works.

    This quote says to me that happiness is most fulfilling when it's earned rather than received. In my experience, this is a description of satisfaction and triumph, whereas my definition of happiness lies more in contentment. So I'm not entirely in agreement, but I do think it's a valid opinion.

    Re: Finding true happiness

    This is a really interesting project, being done by writer Gretchen Rubin. She's working on an account of the year she spent test-driving studies and theories about how to be happier. There's lots of really great stuff there, at her blog - links, ideas, interviews, studies ...

    Check out the Ten Myths! I bet you'll be surprised!

    I have found that it isn't possible to be happy all the time, and that trying to find stuff to "make" me happy is a bit like chasing the wind. But I can be open to happiness, and that's really all it takes. There is much to be happy about - but we can't know that until we're willing to let go of the unhappiness.

    And sometimes we pout. You know? We just pout. "This" isn't what I wanted, so "this" doesn't make me happy. Sometimes we act like kids who refuse the cake because it's not chocolate - but there are a lot of good kinds of cake, and a lot of good kinds of life.

    Re: Finding true happiness

    Being happy isn't something that comes automatically everyday. You have to be able to wake up and look at yourself in the mirror and say "Look at what you have accomplished, you deserve to be happy". A lot of people are not happy because they think they do not deserve to be happy due to some situatiion that has occurred or is occurring in their lives. You have to be able to overcome that situation and look at all the good you have.

    My happiness comes from knowing the accomplishments that I have made during my life and having the love of my husband, family and friends.