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    Guess what song this is.

    created by Ivette 3343 days 22 hours 37 minutes ago

    Category: Arts

    Guess what song this is.

    What is this feeling so sudden and new...let's just say, I loath it all.

    Well if you guys dare. I thought maybe it will be sort of entertainable to do this. idk. correct me if I'm wrong.

    try to guess the name of the song, and post new lyrics and hopefully someone will answer back. and so on.

    Re: Guess what song this is.

    That would be "What is this feeling?" from "Wicked."

    My turn....

    "...Sometimes I try so hard To understand The things you do..."

    Re: Guess what song this is.

    When the Angels Sing by Social Distortion

    now what about-
    "she thinks I'm crazy judging by the faces that she's making..."

    Re: Guess what song this is.

    I must be dreaming by The Maine

    Try this one:

    Don't even look in his eyes, he'll tell you nothing but lies...

    Re: Guess what song this is.

    Carrie Underwood-cowboy casanova

    "Always gonna be an uphill battle, sometimes im gonna have to lose...."

    Re: Guess what song this is.

    The Climb- Miley Cyrus. Lol =].

    "He opens his mouth but the words won't come out."

    Re: Guess what song this is.

    Lose Yourself- Eminem

    "But I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain"