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    Drug testing on the job

    created by Genuinelee 3655 days 4 hours 1 minute ago

    Category: World

    Drug testing on the job

    This is about drug testing on the job.

    Do you think drug testing is acceptable when ordered by an employer?

    Or it is only acceptable in some types of jobs (i.e. those jobs which hold the lives of others in their hands, such as pilots, doctors, etc.) but not a good idea for all jobs?

    Do you think drug testing an invasion of privacy or an infringement of rights? Or is it perfectly acceptable and par for the course?

    Have you ever taken a drug test due to a requirement upon being hired?

    Share your thoughts and stories!

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    I had to take one to work at walmart

    Which was absurd cause I think you have to be Hi to even work there

    Big Box stores pay 7 bucks an hour to eat your souls

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    it is almost a standard to getting a job by having a drug test...

    i have taken at least a dozen that i can think of.

    luckily i have never had a failing.

    a few facts...if you go on will be drug tested by your employer. this is especially enforced by unions.

    thc stays in the hair for 3 months. and don;t think shaving your head is something that will inhibit them from taking hair.

    you choose a lifestyle..that you use illegal recreational a manager i would not hire you. who is to say that you will come to work high as a kite and endanger anyone, including yourself.

    most red flags just happen to be puff the magic dragon. if you are looking for a job..don;t think aloe vera will clean your system...think about this in the long run. i have seen some drug addled employees come into work and are dysfunctional..and that includes alcohol.

    i may be a bit of a conservative...but as much meth and coke you blow up that nose...or will haunt you for a long time in your career.

    so lee...and i think this is a fair question as well...should there be random drug testing besides the disability cases?? i'm curious on that opinion.

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    I've only had a few jobs where they wanted me to get a drug test. One was EyeMasters and the other was when I worked at a group home for MR/ED kids.

    I also had to get drug tested when I was in the Navy Dep. program (program for those who are in HS and want to join the Navy upon graduation - I never went - another story)

    And also when I was in Air Force ROTC in college (again, never went into service - another story).

    Never had a problem with any of the tests, because I don't do drugs :-)

    I think that drug testing regularly should be mandatory for those who have jobs that hold the lives of others in hand but also in jobs like the group home.

    But I think that there is a problem now because the drug problem isn't restricted to just illegal ones anymore; pot, coke, etc.

    Abuse of prescription drugs is huge, and seems to be overlooked a lot.

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    I think that drug testing is very important. However, i think it should be done periodically, not just when you get hired.

    I know of some associate i work with who has come to work drunk. I was mad because i was talked to about always coming in late. I think that a drunk is more of a problem than someone who comes in late frequently.

    Usually those who have drug problems or drink too much are the ones who cause problems. This is why i think drug testing should be done yearly, not just when you get hired.

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    I think drug testing is more important when there are hazards or someone else's life is in your hands. It is a good idea when:
    you're working with or near heavy machinery
    on a construction site
    working with kids in any capacity (day care, teaching, etc.)
    people in the medical field
    Those are just a few examples I can come up with. For jobs that don't pose a whole lot of danger to the self or others, well, I don't really think about whether someone is high.
    I have taken drug tests for employers, though. A couple before getting hired, and one while I was working (it was a random one, and everyone had to take it). Where I currently work, they have a policy that they can drug test you anytime they want, and I think that's perfectly fair: I work with kids in the school system. I wouldn't want someone to endanger my child's life because they were high at work.
    I do think there should be other things tested for, though, like deaca said. Lots of people abuse prescription drugs or are drunk all the time, and that is equally unacceptable in the workplace. I guess I think it's more important that you're sober at work than what you choose to put in your body while you're off work.

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    I personally find drug testing a bit invasive. I have never tried drugs and plan to keep it that way. I don't however want to dictate other peoples lives and tell them they shouldn't be allowed too. If they want to, fine that's their business and their choice. My high school preforms random drug testing on students in athletics, clubs, and people who own a school parking permit. They use hair drug testing, so if you've done drugs while that hair was still on you, it will show. I personally find it a waste of time and money.

    Now I believe jobs that have other people at risk should be tested, It's a safety precaution. But if your cashiering at Target, it's completely unnecessary.

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    I do think that if a drug test is requierd for a job any job than it is acceptable. Would you like it if some heroin addict or some other kind of drug with the drug still on his/her hands began to wrok on your food and then gave it to you which in turn got you the effects fo the drug or an deises? I would hope not, and why would it be unacceptable if you are doing illegal things do ya think that you should be rewarded? Should a stabber get a knife for christmas? A rapest a botttel of chloriform? A shooter a new fully louded gun? No and if you say yes i feel really sorry for you, but you have your own ideas and i respect that. But thats just not how i see things if you do bad bad things happen (i.e. no job) and you do ggood you get good things to happen to you (i.e. you get the job) that is what i think.

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    Thanks for all the great responses. Personally I have mixed feelings about it. I do like the fact that newer less invasive tests have been developed rather than subjecting everyone to the cup method.

    I've never been asked to take a drug test...

    I don't think drug testing is necessary for every job, but I agree with Love that those jobs which hold the lives of others in their hands, I do think this is a valid reason to do it.

    Drug testing is a tricky issue. Companies can't discriminate against specific employees less risk breaking the law, so in order to determine who's using or if someone is a known user, they have to test everyone. But is this fair to (what's likely the majority of employees) who aren't using?

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    I think drug testing on the job is fine. First of all nobody should be taking drugs that are not prescribed to them. Some of them are highly addictive and can ruin your life or lead to other drugs. Some you may be allergic to. Some may interfere with medicines you are already taking. Drug testing tells an employer about the type of person you are. If you do illegal drugs, then you are probably not honest, you may not have a very good work ethic, you may not be dependable, you may hurt yourself and be a risk to their insurance. Also if you handle money, you could be a thief to support your habit. I think drug tests do a company a lot of good and they are a good investment. I work in a fast food restaraunt. Of course they do not drug test, but if they did they would have a lower turn over rate, and fewer people calling in. They would also work harder.

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    i believe drug testing again is a necessity to any job.

    you have to think from an employers point of view: liability. pink moose, you mentioned a cashier at target doesn;t need it, well...can you imagine someone giving you change back wrong because they were so high as a kite, they totally blew it? or if they passed out and cut their head open from being wasted?
    dealing in retail for over a quarter century, i have seen it all..there is no excuse for an accident, and liability is raised by the responsibility of us all. there are pros and cons about prescription meds. i don;t need my employer to know what my doctor prescribes so i can live a healthy lifestyle. the patriot act provides our security and privacy. that should not be abused by anyone. if a person is bi-polar, there might be a day that they have an attack of some kind, and that might be something that should be on the application. epiletics have a difficult time finding a job. it's quite an amazing thing when you dig into a prescription med test. i can't donate i want an employer to know why? (and no it is not a disease in any way, I just can't)...
    i think we should leae the drug testing as it is. if you abuse your prescription meds, there should be a major hand slapping in effect.
    i have also been bonded for 10million dollars, for i was working with ATM' a drug test. quite a price to pay, if i was a thief...
    anyhow i still go with the mandatory and random drug testing. it's safer for both employer and employee

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    Drug tests sometimes return false positives. If you have ever been tested for opiates and then not got the job - it could have been because you tested positive for opiates after eating poppy seeds.

    They did an episode of Myth Busters that confirmed this :)

    I think drug testing is fine, but who is going to stop them from using samples for supposed "drug testing" to discriminate against you for being HIV positive or having genetic diseases?

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    Drug testing is usually a nod to the fact that an employer can get a healthy break on thier insurance by being a "drug free" workplace. Insurance companies love the policy, because if you get hurt on the job, they order a drug test, and if you fail, you don't get any worker's comp... Pretty shitty...

    I failed a drug test for one employer, but they liked me so much that I just had to sign some papers saying I was rehabilitated. Go figure...

    I think that requiring you to provide samples to make sure that your not using drugs is a bit invasive, and doesn't really deter the determined drug users. How many times have I been at a party, where I've heard the phrase "No thanks, I got a drug test next week, and I'm flushing my system..." Or, traded advice on how to clean your system out in the shortest period of time possible?

    I don't use anything now, but let me tell you why they don't work:

    Drug tests test for CONCENTRATIONS, which means that if you drink lots of fluids, and pee about every fifteen minutes BEFORE the test, there hasn't really been enough time for the waste byproducts to accumulate in your system. Of course, the testers have caught on to that, and require that your pee at least be yellow.

    Simple solution? VITAMINS! Because then your pee will be neon yellow regardless of how often you pee...

    So, yeah... Waste of time. Only reason they do drug tests is to reduce the number of workers comp. settlements the insurance companies have to pay. And to eliminate the WORST of the WORST offenders...

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    I have never had to take a drug test for a job however, i have friends that have. I believe that it is perfectly acceptable. No matter what type of job you have there is some importance to it. You should not being drugs when someone is depending on you to complete a task. If youre not doing drugs then you have nothing to hide and shouldnt have a problem with taking the test.

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    Wow this thread really took off! Great answers too.

    It's interesting to read the different beliefs and thoughts on this topic. I think there are a lot of ethical issues associated with it and I love to ponder these kinds of issues.
    I had never heard of employee bonding until a class I took in May, but I could see why companies do it.

    (If I haven't voted for you, I will as soon as I get some ballots : )

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    normally i am strictly opposed to such infringement on privacty


    I believe its the employers right to run his business the way they please and if that means having a no drugs policies so be it.


    Re: Drug testing on the job

    I don't think I mentioned this when I first posted, but I think it's relevant:
    Of all the jobs I've had, most of them have had a no-drug policy, which I understand and comply with. However, the one job that I feel is most crucial that drug tests be mandatory for (working with kids) has never asked me to have one done, while some of the more menial jobs that don't pose dangers to others have required drug tests upon hiring. Odd, isn't it? Has anyone else had a similar experience?

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    I hate drug testing! It's so invasive and so belittling - and for a job that will only pay $8 or $10 per hour!!

    I had to get a complete physical exam for a concierge position a few years ago. It was an extremely boring desk job, but you would have thought I was going to fly a helicopter in the jungle to save people with what I had to go through with these people. Hey, they pay for it, but come on!!

    I don't work anywhere where I am saving lives or putting people in danger, and never have. I have worked for three companies that have drug tested me, all in Portland, and all very corporate. It is just so blatantly insulting to me, like saying, "Your interview was great! We loved you! Now let's just get some evidence so we know for sure you aren't a criminal."

    The worst part is cocaine and meth are out of one's system so quickly, but pot hangs around for a month. I will take a pothead over a meth freak or a cokehead any day; I don't know about you guys.

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    Let me add to that - I am not in any way condoning going to work under the influence of ANYTHING, but what you do in your spare time is your business. I think if you are acting loopy and stupid and you're stealing or whatever, yeh, sure, have a drug test and get fired. At least have a reason to do it. The thing that's so stupid about it is - Woody's right - people clean out their systems for the tests, and then that night they are high all over again. It's generally a one time thing so it's not like just because a drug test comes out negative that person doesn't do drugs...

    Re: Drug testing on the job

    I'm fine with it. I don't want to sound uncool or whatever but I'll risk it - Drugs are illegal. Drugs are habit forming, illegal, mind altering, and drive people to do heinous things sometimes. Plus if you're into drugs you probably hang out with questionable people or at least have ties to some.

    If I were an employer I wouldn't want to hire and pay someone who is caught up in all of that. It is your personal business what you do on your own time - what movies you watch, what kind of cigarettes you smoke, what you eat, and so on. . . .but who cares if it is invasive? Drugs aren't legal so you shouldn't be doing them in the first place.