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    What is your most valued possession?

    created by jtk5857 2 days 14 hours 1 minute ago

    Category: World

    What is your most valued possession?

    Good morning, CNetters,

    Anyone who knows me, knows I am not about material things. But I was thinking, as I hear about the house and apartment complex fires that start from space heaters and dried out Christmas trees at this time of the year, what would you be sure to take with you if you had to leave in a hurry?

    What is your most valued possession? What one thing would you want to take with you? You can't say a family member because that's a given!

    I don't have many personal possessions that I am that attached to, but I think the one thing I would want to take would be my high school diploma. I am proud that I graduated and they tore my school down, so the artist rendition on my diploma would be the last bit of my school history that I will ever have. That and my wallet.

    Have a great day. and good luck to everyone who is cramming and studying for finals this weekend!


    Re: What is your most valued possession?

    Good morning Jon,

    This is a tough one, because like you, I try not to rely on material possessions. Things can be replaced, not people. But if I HAD to choose one thing, I would probably say my wedding album. I love photos and being able to look back on memories. So losing that would be heartbreaking. I don't have an actual camera that I use all that often (I can't remember the last time I used it), since I take all my photos on my phone now. But when the day comes that I get a new camera, I'm sure that will be my new answer!

    Christmas trees drying out and starting a fire are definitely a scary thought. My biggest fear in life is my house burning down, so I think a lot about it this time of year. We always are sure to keep our tree (when we have a real one) well watered so it doesn't dry out. This year we are using an artificial, so less of a worry. Except that we live in a duplex and I am not sure if the neighbors have real or artificial!

    Thanks for the forum, have a great weekend!

    Re: What is your most valued possession?

    Hey Jon,

    Well this is a tough one. Lol. I don’t have many possessions that I’m super attached to yet. I have tons of things I really like though!

    I would want to take my fish Taco! I’m not sure that I’d be able to carry the aquarium so I might have to put him in a large bowl or container. I would feel really bad if he was left behind.

    Thanks for the thought provoking forum.

    Good luck you with your finals!


    Re: What is your most valued possession?

    Hi Jon,

    I am going to pick 3 things (I know I know you only asked for one....)

    My cats/fish
    My phone
    My wallet

    What a cool memory you have of your high school! You should be proud of graduating!

    Have a wonderful day!


    P.S. Good luck on your finals! I feel your pain about dining hall food being dreadful. I hear from so many of my friends at different colleges that it is pretty much the same at every school. I wonder if it is because they have to be hyper aware of food allergies and preferences and such whereas at home if none of those things are present, then the cook is free to season food however and to cook whatever food the family likes rather than having to accommodate a large number of food aversions. Who knows?

    Re: What is your most valued possession?

    Hi Jon!

    I don't know if it counts as a possession, but the thing that I value the most in my life is my health! After seeing my husband fight so very hard for his health and life, I no long take mine for granted! I am so very blessed to be healthy and to do my job and care for the significant others in my life, I need to be strong ,,, mentally, physically, spiritually and every other way there is to be healthy! I like the saying, "You can't pour from a half empty cup"!

    As for true possessions, I highly value my home, car and purse/wallet! If I lost everything in a fire, my car would allow me to go to work and that would provide normalcy while I rebuild the other parts of my life. My purse/wallet contains everything as far a bank stuff, etc. that I would need to keep on keeping on too. I can't even begin to imagine what people who loose everything in fires, natural disasters, etc. go through ,,, absolute devastation!

    Sorry to hear about your High School! I bet that was a very odd feeling as you spent so much time there: a home away from home for sure! And speaking of home, are you done with finals?


    Re: What is your most valued possession?

    Hi Jon-

    My most valued possession is a ring that my mom had made for me. It has a large blue sapphire in the center that was in the middle of her engagement ring from my dad. He found the sapphire and had her ring made. He passed away 5 years ago and 2 years ago she took her ring apart and had mine made. :)