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    Auto Correct has mafe me a bad speller !

    created by animal lover 8 days 18 hours 18 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Auto Correct has mafe me a bad speller !

    Hey Everyone ,

    Are you a good speller ?

    Do you think autocorrect has made you worse at spelling?

    I am so used to autocorrect. I sometimes find myself forgetting how to spell certian words. I usually type about 80% of the time.So 20% of the time I write schedules , notes etc. My vocab skills are getting weak. I have been trying to write more just to push myself in that area.

    How about you ?


    Re: Auto Correct has mafe me a bad speller !

    The irony that my phone auto corrected made to mafe. Which is also funny. On my phone autocorrect always does the wrong thing.

    Have you noticed your phone auto correct just super wrong sometimes?

    Re: Auto Correct has mafe me a bad speller !


    My phone is the worst for auto correct! Way worse that my computer! I am usually in a bigger hurry when typing on my phone. Several times I have pressed send and then reread my text and thought Oh No!! :) And sometimes I want to use a "bad" word and the auto correct changes it!!!


    Re: Auto Correct has mafe me a bad speller !

    @Becky, I agree I am always in a rush when I text. I usually using my phone to post on CNET. So auto correct is always messing me up. It is also so true that my curse words get corrected which I think is hilarious !

    Thanks for commenting

    Re: Auto Correct has mafe me a bad speller !

    Hey Julia,

    I have to agree with. Auto typing has definitely made me bad at spelling words since my phone does it for me all the time. For CNET, I usually use my phone and after I reply to forums and post my own forums and create the forum, I notice that there are a couple of mistypes all because of my phone assuming the word I want to use. I like it sometimes and hate it at the same time. There are words that I have to remember how to type because every time I type it, it automatically gets populated on my phone. This is great but there are many times I send the wrong word over and over. It takes me a couple seconds to realize that it wasn’t me who typed it like that.

    Thanks for the forum Julia!

    Re: Auto Correct has mafe me a bad speller !

    Hello Julia,

    Auto correct... what would I do without you?! Okay first off, yes my phone sometimes auto corrects things into words I did not intend to be used, especially my phone, but it also helps with some silly mistakes like forgetting a space every now and then.
    As for word documents and stuff like that, I agree with you I have gotten worse in terms of writing and the use of high vocabulary words, it seems like our job is already done. I think something that helped me is trying to take handwritten notes every now and then or keep up a handwritten journal.

    Thanks for asking Julia! You always have topics that everyone can relate to! Have a great Friday!


    Re: Auto Correct has mafe me a bad speller !


    I think I'm a good speller, for the most part. My phone has caught onto some of the things I type that aren't "actual words," so there are times when I'm not a good speller with that. However, I think I'm pretty good when it comes to typing. I actually love typing! I spell by sounding out in my head usually. When I type, I picture the spelling of the words as I think them.


    Re: Auto Correct has mafe me a bad speller !


    I have to say I have relied on auto correct so many times when it came to spelling. I use it whenever i use my iPhone to text someone and on my laptop, especially if I’m writing a essay. I’ve always been a really good speller, but auto correct helps, but I try my best not to rely on it as much.