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    Have you ever fallen asleep while working?

    created by Katelyn Marie 3 days 15 hours 22 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Have you ever fallen asleep while working?

    Hi Everyone!

    I need to start off by saying that I am usually a very perky energetic person when I am feeling well. I have been sick for a while and it is starting to get me down a bit but I still busted out my finals and my other work that needed to get done this week!

    Having said that, I fell asleep while typing earlier today! LOL That is a new one for me! I was at home so I didn't cause a scene or anything. The only one that may have witnessed it was my cat! I guess I am more tired than even I realized! LOL

    Have you ever fallen asleep while studying, typing or working on something?

    My dad said there is a guy that he works with that fell asleep at his desk while typing and kept his hand on the space bar so that it started beeping loudly and he didn't even wake up! That is probably not a good way to get promoted or even keep a job! LOL

    Have a great day everyone!


    Re: Have you ever fallen asleep while working?

    Aloha Katelyn,

    I have never fallen asleep while at work. As a barista that would be really hard to do! However, I have fallen asleep so many times while studying or doing homework/assignments. In fact falling asleep while doing school work is pretty regular for me. Especially if I am in a comfortable position and it is past 10:30 at night. Lights out!

    I usually wake up after a few minutes and either finish homework or put the work off until the next day.

    Thanks for the forum!


    Re: Have you ever fallen asleep while working?

    Hey Katelyn,

    Is saying "all the time" a bad thing? haha well maybe not all the time, but I get droopy eyes every so often at work. If I stayed up late the night prior or just overly exhausted, I will tend to nod off here and there at my keyboard, so it's not like anyone can see.


    Re: Have you ever fallen asleep while working?

    Hi Katelyn,

    I have never fallen asleep when at work but I can say that there were plenty of times I thought I was going to die of boredom. Especially when the restaurant was not busy. Ha ha.

    I have fallen asleep when reading my textbooks though. I cannot lie, some of that stuff is super boring!

    Have a great day!


    Re: Have you ever fallen asleep while working?

    Hi Katelyn,

    I have fallen asleep in the library once. The place was so quiet so I wanted to study there. I don't recall putting my head on the table, but the sound of my snoring voice woke me. It was so embarrassing. lol

    Re: Have you ever fallen asleep while working?

    What's up fam!?!

    I have fallen asleep at work. I don't know if it counts though because i was sleeping during break. i had to though. I was working a graveyard shift with a lot of workload. Oof!

    rad post fam!

    Re: Have you ever fallen asleep while working?

    Hey Katelyn!

    I don't have a job but I have fallen asleep while working on a big project for school. I was up all night and still didn't finish it and while I was working the next day, I fell asleep in front of everyone.

    Thanks for the forum!

    Re: Have you ever fallen asleep while working?


    I've fallen asleep while working on my Trigonometry homework because it was a lot and I didn't understand most of it.


    Re: Have you ever fallen asleep while working?

    Hi Katelyn,

    Right after I finished my undergrad, I decided to cast everything else aside and just travel. So I took three different jobs to save up some money.

    One of the jobs I had was in a perfume factory. They bottled and packaged knock-off perfumes. bath beads, soaps. It was horrible. My shift lasted from 6am till 6pm on weekends, and since I worked there during the winter months, I never saw daylight during those days.

    There were lots of different stations that you could be assigned to: putting soaps in boxes, putting bath beads in jars, that kind of thing. All on assembly lines. For some reason that I still don't understand, I was often assigned to do the perfume line, which entailed placing a cap on a bottle. On. Bottle. After. Bottle. All the way down the assembly line. For twelve hours. (I did get 2 breaks).

    The first time I was assigned to this line, I discovered that it is, in fact, possible to cry from boredom. I literally burst into tears after about hour eight. But another time, and to answer your question, I flat out fell asleep.

    I was sitting at this same line. Bottle after bottle was coming down the belt, and one by one, they created a sleepy, steady rhythm. There were people talking around me in monotonous tones. I was exhausted from my schedule. So I just placed a cap, placed another cap, placed... and fell asleep. I slumped onto the line and knocked over a bottle which broke on the floor spilling knock-off perfume all over my sneakers.

    My boss came over and I was like: Oh, geez, I slipped! Oops! But I went home later and passed out still wearing my stinky clothes. Good times!

    Have a good day (: