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    Longest flight?

    created by danmod23 8 days 23 hours 55 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Longest flight?

    Aloha CNET,

    What is the longest flight you have ever been on? The flight between NY and Hawaii is the longest I've ever been on. On my way here in August I had a layover in LA so my total travel time was 17 hours.

    How about you?


    Re: Longest flight?

    Hey Dan!

    When I was 12 my soccer team played over in Sweden for a few weeks. It was over a 14 hour trip including the layover. I remember all of us sleeping on the floor in the airport on one of our layovers. The plane ride over from New York was long. I don't remember exactly how many hours, but I know I watched 3 movies on the way home! LOL

    Have a good one!


    Re: Longest flight?

    Hi Dan,

    When I was in high school I went to Australia with a student ambassador program and the flight was 16 hours not counting the layover we had in LA I don’t remember how long that was I just remember we were sleeping in the airport.
    I’ve been on other long trips to Afghanistan but we had a lot of stops along the way so I don’t know how long the actual trip took... a few days after it all.

    Have a good night

    Re: Longest flight?

    Hey Dan,

    The longest flight I've been on would be when I went to France in high school. I don't remember how long it was, since it was a very very long time ago! I just know it's the farthest I've flown, so must be the longest!

    With the travel that I do for work, I do have some very long travel days, but they are broken up by layovers or long drives from the airport to the hotel where I'm staying. The longest travel day that I remember was back in march when I went to California. I flew from Western NY and left my house at about 3:30 am EST. I finally arrived at my hotel in northern CA (after a 2 hour drive from the airport) around 8:00pm PST. It was a nearly 20 hour travel day. The best part? I was getting paid overtime the entire time! Now that was a well-earned paycheck!

    Thanks for the forum, enjoy your weekend!