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    What do you want for Christmas?

    created by wheelzofjustice 9 days 1 hour 17 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What do you want for Christmas?

    Hey everyone,

    name one thing you want for Christmas. It could be anything. As I am in a wheelchair, I'd appreciate some new legs for Christmas. LOL, but I don't think elves make those. I'd settle for my student loans be paid off.

    So what do you guys want for Christmas?

    – Joey

    Re: What do you want for Christmas?


    I really can't think of anything I want for Christmas this year. I just started college so I haven't borrowed money yet, but I am about to do so! LOL I guess money would be a great thing to get for Christmas...a winning lottery ticket perhaps?!

    Have a good one!


    Re: What do you want for Christmas?


    I’d really appreciate some new shorts for work. I have to wear button downs and they add up after a while. Wishing you the best for your holidays!


    Re: What do you want for Christmas?


    I would like some new clothes. I tend to wear mine out before getting new ones. I'm finding that lately I feel like I have nothing to wear. Having kids I usually buy for them and not myself.

    Student loans being paid off would be AMAZING!! I have a Masters degree and I didn't have my undergrad paid for when I took out loans for that..... I'm feeling very thankful for have finding CNET. It will certainly help. I really do enjoy responding to forums and interacting with others from all over the country.

    Happy Holiday!

    Re: What do you want for Christmas?


    All I want for Christmas is for all of my family to get along. At least one person each year at Christmas time starts a war that nobody can win. It gets on my nerves and I just wish everyone could get along.

    Thanks for the forum!