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    Thongs v granny panties, briefs v boxers!

    created by katherinejade 9 days 1 hour 45 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Thongs v granny panties, briefs v boxers!


    Kind of a weird topic, and maybe out of the comfort level for some, but this forum features a type of women's underwear.

    I was introduced to it in middle school, and have a decent collection of thongs. I would say, maybe 50% of my underwear are thongs in my current repertoire. I don't intentionally choose it that way, but when there is a good underwear on sale and it's a thong, I don't let that stop me. Plus, there is a certain level of comfort to it (even though there is an occasionally wedgy here and there). Sometimes, underwear that offers more covering is a little bit more uncomfortable or bunchy. But, it just kind of depends.

    Anyways, my main focus was typical women's underwear (Thongs v granny panties or both), but to be more inclusive, I thought I'd add in a question about men... Briefs, boxers or both? Pros, cons of each?

    Have a great day.


    *The category for this forum is Education.*

    Re: Thongs v granny panties, briefs v boxers!

    Hi Kat!

    If you ever want to make a room full of elementary kiddos burst out laughing, just mention the word "Underwear"! I have several cute picture book/stories about that topic (like ,,, Aliens Don't Wear Underpants) and I save them for the times when I need to lighten up the mood or that we need a good laugh! :)

    As to your question and my preferred choice of underwear, I like and wear everything except for granny panties. There is something about a high waist band that drives me insane! My favorite, however, are low-cut hip huggers or the the kind that are called "cheekers". They work pretty well under clothing and seem to stay put: wedgies are a no go for sure! Matching bra/panty sets are fun too, but I don't always have my act together to make that happen on a daily basis!

    I hope school is going well and that are at the end of the semester! I felt your pain on a few of your previous posts; paper writing can be an absolutely arduous task! I had visions of burning my APA manual from time to time!

    Fun Forum!


    Re: Thongs v granny panties, briefs v boxers!

    Hey Kat,

    I know you and everyone reading this might laugh but I only love wearing granny panties. I never even bother to go to the tong section at the store because I wouldn't wear them.

    As for men, I guess a boxer would be a lot better because of the space and it's not as tight as briefs. The men in my family wears boxers because of their comfort.

    Thanks and have a great evening!


    Re: Thongs v granny panties, briefs v boxers!

    Hey Hey!

    I’m always happy to discuss my undergarments. Whether on CNET, at work, a bus stop (which some people say is weird because I have a truck), or even parent teacher conference day (which some day is weirder than the bus stop, cause I don’t have a kid!). I wear boxer briefs. They have the little extra fabric so it doesn’t ride up in between the thigh and groin, plus the extra support if working out.