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    What is an "old person" habit that you have?

    created by pancake 9 days 5 hours 19 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What is an "old person" habit that you have?

    Hey Y'all

    If you read my profile, you know I enjoy crocheting and drinking tea even though I am quite young. What is one "old person" habit you have?

    Re: What is an "old person" habit that you have?


    i don't really have an "old person" habit. i just wanted to let you know that i think you are beautiful. (^_^)

    have a rad day!!!!

    Re: What is an "old person" habit that you have?

    Hey Pancake!

    If drinking tea is an old person's habit, then I'm very old. I tell myself it's the British side of me instead. Drinking tea with my mom is one of my favourite things in life!

    But my own old person's habit i guess I have, is that I've started recently ask my younger friends to keep me up to date with music tips and fashion tips, but at the same time I don't actually care because my taste in music and my fashion taste is the best. Bwaha! I remember being younger and I would shrug and eye roll my older friends who said the same thing.

    My parents obviously thought The Beatles and Toto were the best bands. I think Mumford and Sons, and James Blake are the best artists, and people younger than I am, love Taylor Swift for some weird reason...

    They're all wrong and I'm obviously right!

    - Marte

    Re: What is an "old person" habit that you have?

    Hi Pancake,

    I had a phase where I would want to sew and alter ALL of my clothing to make them fit better or look more unique, so that's definitely the future grandma in me coming out!

    I love tea as well. Tea over coffee, ANY day.

    I also love stereotypical patterns that older people *might* like like interesting laces, wacky florals, etc.

    Love this forum! Have a great day :-)


    Re: What is an "old person" habit that you have?

    Hey Hey!

    My old person habit is loudly clearing my throat at inappropriate times. It’s a great way to lighten the mood at funerals.

    Re: What is an "old person" habit that you have?


    I believe I have many "old person" traits. I find myself constantly saying "WHAT" all the time ESPECIALLY on the phone. Also, my TV is always loud. I also love to go to bed. It is my most favorite thing to do. I think it is great that you crochet wish I had time to do an interesting hobby such as that too. Great question!

    Best wishes,


    Re: What is an "old person" habit that you have?


    Just like you, I love crocheting. I've made a lot of scarves, hats, and baskets. Sadly, I don't have any time nowadays to do it because of school.


    Re: What is an "old person" habit that you have?

    Welcome, Pancake, from another New Yorker. I'm trying to think of an old person habit I have. One thing that I actually learned from my friend's grandma was to order whisky with a splash of water;)

    Also, I like to put little cedar sachets in my shoes to absorb moisture and keep them fresh, and my partner says that's "grandma-ish".

    I also saw that you are into watching Ru Paul's drag race. I have never seen it although I have heard great things about it. I hope you enjoy it!

    Glad to see you here and good luck with your scholarship hunt!

    Re: What is an "old person" habit that you have?

    Hi pancake,

    My old person habit is eating dinner "early" like 6 PM and going to bed "early" like 10:30 PM. It's just much earlier than most of my peers would eat dinner or go to sleep so I get teased for being old. It's kinda funny, but I also get grumpy pretty easily and want to yell at younger people for being dumb so I guess I'm not too far off.