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    How much TV do you watch?

    created by Ratio 3 days 21 hours 25 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    How much TV do you watch?

    TV has changed a lot since I first started watching. Cable began its boom when I was about 5, but many people still used analogue channels. Now we can watch just about anything online, we can subscribe to any number of streaming services (one of which started as a DVD rental service), or watch network TV online, and still cast this all too our TVs or sit in front of our laptops or phones. We now have smart TVs that have those apps built into them if you don't want to go through the hassle of casting.

    How do you watch your shows? Do you prefer original content from streamers over network shows?

    I have a smart TV that I use to watch most of my shows, but I watch everything through an app now. I will watch some Walking Dead or CW shows through my laptop, but that is just because I don't have an app for them.

    Re: How much TV do you watch?


    I never watch cable, I only really watch things in my laptop through netflix and other streaming services. I like being able to watch exactly what I want and having control of the time. Rven so, I don't watch a whole lot of tv to begin with.

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: How much TV do you watch?

    Aloha Ratio,

    This question has an easy answer for me- I don't watch TV really. Sometimes I will watch an episode or two of the Daily Show on my Amazon Fire so I stream it from Comedy Central app. Other than that I like to stay TV free. I don't have any regular shows that I follow and I think I prefer it that way. When I used to watch Grey's Anatomy I would get so caught up in all the drama and emotions. I much prefer to pick up a book and enter another world through words on a page rather than drama on a screen. I just am not able to sit and be interested in watching something for more than an hour or so so I stick to going to the movies every once in a while. It's funny my mom and dad are both TV attics- they can't live without watching TV every night which is the opposite of me. How did I turn out so different from their constant need to watch television. My mom watches cable while my dad will either watch cable or stream Netflix. It just boggles me how they can be so wrapped up in watching TV. I guess those genes skipped me and I sometimes find it annoying having to listen to the tv when I would rather focus on reading or doing some other activity.

    - Wanderer

    Re: How much TV do you watch?

    Hi Ratio.

    I feel like I recognize your photo but I don't think I've seen you around here in a while!

    Right now I feel like I watch too much TV because it's finals time and I spend so much time reading for work that when I'm done with productive reading it's hard to switch over to recreational reading. But still, by watching "TV" I actually mean Netflix or Amazon, because I have never really had cable.

    Marketing experts say that the current generation (by which I think they mean people under 40) are the first generation to not consider cable as just a basic utility, and who don't automatically sign up. I know for me, I just don't think I would get $100 worth of value out f cable per month, so I don't pay for it. Also, I feel like when I am in places that have cable, the TV is often always on, whereas when I am in places that don't have cable, people only watch TV when they are making a conscious choice to do so. For me, I prefer the latter. I would like to be encouraged to participate more actively in activities.

    Still when things get really crazy, I'm glad I have some Netflix to zone out to;)

    Thanks for the forum.


    Re: How much TV do you watch?


    I never sit watch cable TV. Sometimes, I will watch an old show that is on Netflix like Grey's Anatomy. I was also into watching the Walking Dead for a while. Now I don't watch much at all. I watch a lot of informational seminars and things like that on You Tube but that is really it. I have never been a huge show or movie watcher.

    Have a great day!


    Re: How much TV do you watch?


    I don't really watch a whole lot of TV since there are far more interesting books to read. If I do sit down to watch it is on Hulu. We ditched the cable/dish system when we moved into our new house.

    Re: How much TV do you watch?


    Usually I watch Netflix or Hulu. I don't watch cable very often. There are a couple shows that I watch with my dad on a regular basis, so that's when I use it. But, it has been a little harder to watch with him when I'm away at college. But, I often don't have time to watch TV during school. If I do, I'm usually watching New Girl, Criminal Minds, or horror movies!


    Re: How much TV do you watch?


    I don’t think I watch that much tv because there’s not many shows I like to watch. Most of the time I’m busy doing stuff or hanging out with my friends or my boyfriend when I do get free time. I feel like when you get older the less tv you watch because we are all busy with work and school most of the time.