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    The most important lesson I learned from a teacher

    created by lauragoestocollege 3 days 21 hours 49 minutes ago

    Category: World

    The most important lesson I learned from a teacher

    Every Wednesday at 6 pm, from age thirteen through the end of high school, I met with the same group of girls. We had a teacher who for some strange reason took an interest in being our mentor. Looking back, I think, “was she crazy for putting up with us every week for so many years?” Either way, I am eternally grateful that she did.

    In typical teenage girl fashion, we would start the evening out by complaining about boys, homework, parents, anything and everything that made our week “the worst week ever”. The quieter of us would struggle to get our weekly venting in because the louder ones had so much to grumble about.

    One day, things began to change. Our teacher gave us each a small notebook. We were told to write down two good things that happen during the next week. They could not be purchases, such as new shoes or a new haircut.

    The first few weeks were a struggle. Most of us would forget about the assignment altogether and would struggle to on the spot, come up with even one positive thing that happened. We kept thinking of all the terrible events and were blind to the positive.

    As time went on and we continued to do the assignment, it became easier. It reached a point where we were able to talk about three or four positive things that happened. Our hour and a half together evolved from a negative environment to an incredibly positive atmosphere. We began doing better in school. Our relationships with people grew stronger. We started valuing ourselves. We were even able to recognize when people were disrespecting us and leave them behind.

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    Re: The most important lesson I learned from a teacher


    This is a great thing that your teacher did! Focusing on the positive is so important, especially for young people.

    Thank you for sharing your story!

    - Anna

    Re: The most important lesson I learned from a teacher

    Hi Laura,
    Where you girls in a club or something? How did your teacher motivate you to do the assignment. It sounds like it wasn’t for a grade. I am interested in trying this out in my class and I am curious if it will work. I feel like if I make it a requirement in class then students will just end up dreading it and it won’t be beneficial. If I don’t make it a requirement but a suggestion I honestly don’t think any of them will do it.

    Re: The most important lesson I learned from a teacher

    Hi Laura,

    That sounds like a very dedicated teacher. Clearly, their hard work paid off as demonstrated by the growth you and your friends showed. It's easy to hone in on the negative (I totally struggle with that). But perspective can really alter your life. It starts with seemingly small things and expands from there. It's amazing how one person's investment in another person's life can really help them change for the better. Thanks for sharing this!

    Re: The most important lesson I learned from a teacher

    Daniella: It was actually part of church youth group. It was a small group of girls, only 4-6 of us came every week. She had to do a lot of encouraging to get us to participate at first. She would give examples to help us think of things to say, like "even something as small as someone opening or holding the door for you is an example." You would definitely have to make it a requirement. Hope it works out!

    Anna and Murasaki: It is so true! And no problem. :) Glad you enjoyed it.

    Re: The most important lesson I learned from a teacher

    Hey Laura!

    That sounds amazing and I'm so happy you got to experience that!

    I'm myself a teacher and have been teaching for the past ten years. And many times through my own teaching education, the teachers asked me that question.

    My answer is that during my life as a student at Elementary, Secondary and High School, I never experienced any great teachers. They were all okay, some better than others, but as I figured out a little later in life, I'm a creative person who struggle to see things in a square way. Especially in math, I might need to learn things a bit different that the average student. And I never met a teacher that could teach math in more ways than one.

    So... The greatest lesson I had, was to become the teacher I needed but didn't have when I was a student.

    I try to be patient, motivating, but most importantly, I try to always have a few extra methods of teaching up my sleeve, so that I am able to help as many students I meet as possible!

    Thanks fog your forum!

    - Marte