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    Would you rather..,

    created by slynch8686 9 days 5 hours 50 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Would you rather..,

    Hey Hey!

    Ok, would you rather...

    Lick the inside bathroom door handle


    Share a cup of water with ten random people in an emergency room? (They take a sip, you take a sip)


    Re: Would you rather..,


    What great choices (note the sarcasm).

    I feel like doing the first one would lead to me going to an emergency room and doing the second one. *shudders*

    I think I'd rather lick the door handle. I can wash it first and it's my bathroom, so at least I know it's clean. God knows what diseases people in the ER might have. I'd rather not risk it.

    Have a great day!


    Re: Would you rather..,

    Hey slynch8686,

    I remember in Microbiology class in middle school we had to swab random surfaces then swab an Agar plate. Then, we let them develop for a couple days in the right conditions. I actually swabbed a bathroom door handle, and the amount of bacterial growth in that culture was insane... there are too many people who do not wash their hands, it's really gross.

    On the other hand, working in hospitals, I would not want to share water with random people in an ER because who knows what these people are in the ER for... this is really hard, you came up with a good challenge, haha. I guess one lick versus a shared cup is the lesser evil. I would literally only tap the handle with the tip of my tongue then grab mouthwash haha!

    Fun topic!

    Have a great day!

    - dymphie

    Re: Would you rather..,

    Hey Right Back at Ya!

    Holy Hell ,,, Eeewwwww!!!

    I pick NONE, but for the sake of your post, I would lick the door handle and then drink some hand sanitizer!!!

    And BTW ,,, I"m questioning your post from yesterday!!! Don't you know that it is politically incorrect (LOL) to ask a "lady" how old she is!!!! ;) I am older than you though!!


    Re: Would you rather..,

    Hey there!

    Two gross options haha...A few questions though: Which bathroom door handle? My own? Or at a public place? Also, if I'm sharing a cup with random people, do I get to wipe off the cup before drinking? Not that answering those questions will make either option more appealing...

    I'll be more extreme and assume the door handle is at a public place...I agree with everyone above me. At least I can do a quick tap and disinfect my mouth. I barely want to drink from the same cup as people close to me much less swallow the germs of 10 random people.

    Re: Would you rather..,


    Wow, their both really horrible options. I guess if I had to pick one it would be licking a bathroom door knob. I know it’s disgusting, but I could never share a glass of water with patients in the ER, I dont even drink after people now.


    Re: Would you rather..,

    Hey Slynch,

    This is nasty. Ha ha. Ok so if you’re making me choose I’ll lick the door knob. It’ll just be a quickie though. I think a lot faster than sharing water from a cup with 10 random people. Either way I’m puking when I’m done with the challenge. Lol

    Have a great day.