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    Smash or Pass?

    created by teebeetoo 5 days 21 hours 45 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Smash or Pass?


    We're over the hump and past the elections, so I think it's time for a little fun. Have you ever played Smash or Pass, I learned about it in a Facebook group that I am in that is dedicated to Awful Foods or Recipes for Disaster, which is just for fun.

    Anyway, Smash or Pass in that group is basically when someone looks at a photo of a food, usually weird, and says whether they'd Smash it (eat it very willingly) or Pass (not eat it at all ever).

    So I thought we could play smash or pass with weird or different foods we eat. So I'll name one, and you answer with Smash or Pass, and then name your own. I'll start:

    Whenever I have Asian Take Out Leftovers, the next day I throw it into a wok with some eggs, fish sauce or other asian sauce that works, and make a giant fried rice dish. I can also throw in any veggies I have that need to be eaten or some extra tofu if I need some more protein. I also put in lots of chili garlic paste.

    Smash or Pass?

    Re: Smash or Pass?

    Hey teebeetoo,

    I have only really heard of this in a very different context... haha!

    I think I would say Smash to what you mentioned! I love Asian food (I'm Filipino) and I love that you added a bunch of veggies and spices to bring life back to your leftovers.

    There is a dish that I love at a Japanese restaurant near here called Chasoba which are soba noodles (buckwheat) that are infused with green tea. They are typically served cold, with some spring onions on the side, and a dipping sauce of soy sauce and dashi. It is SO tasty, but I know that not everyone likes to eat cold foods.

    Smash or Pass?

    Fun topic!

    Have a great day!

    - dymphie

    Re: Smash or Pass?

    Hey! This is a great idea!

    Omg, definitely pass. I've never had Asian food before, and I don't think my first time should include fish sauce and, uh, wok? What is that? I've never heard of it before. I need to try Asian food soon.

    There's this Arabic dish called Moussaka. It's eggplant cut into slices and green peppers, both mixed with ground meat and salsa. The eggplant slices and peppers are fried and then mixed with the cooked ground meat and some salsa and then put into the oven.

    Smash or pass?

    Re: Smash or Pass?

    I would totally smash both of those things. I am vegetarian, so they both sound really good, and Asian and middle eastern foods have way more options for vegetarians.

    Sometimes I take whatever fake meat I have like veggie burgers and deli slices and but them on bread or a roll and melt cheese on it and make it like a grinder (a hot hoagie). Throw some ketchup, mustard, and pickles on there and I think that its pretty great mucnhie food!

    Re: Smash or Pass?

    I will pass all this food posted here just because I haven't tried any of them yet

    Re: Smash or Pass?


    I would smash those hot veggie hoagies. Ketchup, mustard, and pickles are the kings of the condiment world. I also like veggie stuff, so sign me up.

    Alright, here's an oddball that happens by mistake when you eat it, but the combo of flavors is so good.

    My mom makes these homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast from time to time. She'll also scramble eggs to serve on the side. I like to put ketchup on my eggs. What inevitably happens, though, is that some of the ketchup touches or gets on the cinnamon rolls. I'll deliberately encourage this mixture and eat it. The sweet and cinnamoney mixed with the tart and salty is fantastic, albeit in small doses.

    Would you smash that? Or pass?

    Re: Smash or Pass?


    Bubbers you are really making me laugh.

    I have to say I would def eat Geeb's hot handheld hoagies in a heartbeat. The cinnamon roll and ketchup thing is a little more delicate.

    If I had all those delicious things on a plate: a cinnamon roll (ask your mom if I can come over for breakfast!), plus scrambled eggs (I am also guilty of putting ketchup on eggs!) and if the ketchup *accidentally* got on the cinnamon roll, I was smash it in a heartbeat, but if there were ketchup squirted all over the top of it on purpose I would pass. I also have to say that without the scrambled eggs, the cinnamon roll/ketchup combo would be a hard pass, but I'm pretty sure I'd eat an egg sandwich with a cinnamon roll for bread, and who wouldn't smash that? ;)

    Funny response. You get my vote;)

    (One day I should tell the story of how I accidentally bought people egg sandwiches for breakfast and all threw them away because there was ketchup. Since I am from NJ I had no idea that some people didn't eat ketchup on eggs!)