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    created by iKasey 3 days 23 hours 57 minutes ago

    Category: World


    Good morning!

    I am now home for winter break after having moved out of my dorm room and hopefully on to my next college home next semester. It actually wasn't has hard to leave yesterday as I thought, I'm just glad my finals are OVER!!! It'll probably hit me later on after my brain gets some rest, LOL!

    Anyway, have you ever worn braces? Did you have to wear a retainer? Do you still wear a retainer? What type? My brother and I both wore braces, me for about 10 months and him for about 4 years (ugh). We both have the retainers that are worn at night, but I stopped wearing mine after about 3 or 4 months after my braces came off. Now they don't even fit because my teeth moved just enough so that I can't wear them anymore. Oops.

    How about you? Have you worn braces and do you still wear your retainer?

    Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!


    Re: Braces

    Hey Kasey,

    I had braces for about 2 years, and got them off just before my senior year of high school started. I did have a retainer that I was supposed to wear, but I was so bad about it! That was many moons ago, so I have no clue what even ever happened to my retainer. Looking back on it, I do regret not being more responsible about it. My bottom teeth have definitely shifted to the point that you'd never even know I had braces. I have considered getting some now as an adult, since I would be more responsible. There's something about when you pay for something like that yourself vs your parents paying for it! My husband got his braces as an adult and was very happy with his decision. His son is now 12 and we are considering it. I'm hesitant because of knowing that I was not good about the upkeep afterwards, and to be honest, I was much more responsible at that age than he is. So I'm struggling to agree to spending the money on something that is very likely not going to be successful in the long run. So many decisions!

    Great topic, enjoy your day!

    Re: Braces

    Hi Kasey,

    I wore braces. They were supposed to be on for 21 months but ended up being on for nearly 4 years like your brother. It was awful. But they are off now as of April actually. I do have a retainer. For the first 6 months I was told to wear it all day and all night. After 6 months, not too long ago, I was told I could just wear it at night. The problem is that the first time I tried this, I had a difficult time getting the retainer to fit in my mouth because my teeth moved. Ugh! It kind of freaked me out. So, I am back to wearing it all day and all night. I think I need more time for my teeth to settle in.

    Thanks for reading!

    Have a great day.


    Re: Braces

    Hey Kasey!

    Yahooooooooooooo on completing your first semester! I imagine you are thrilled to be home and are looking forward to some down time with friends and family. I hope you get your transfer all wrapped up and quickly so that it will be a weight off your mind! Will you be closer to friends or your boyfriend at the school you hope to attend?

    As to your question, I did wear braces for about a year and a half in the ninth grade. They did the trick too! I did wear my retainer for quite a bit. Then, like you mentioned, my teeth shifted a little and my retainer no longer fits. I have given thought to having my dentist adjust it (he offered to) so I can wear it again. I have one tooth that I would like to push back just a little.

    Enjoy the first day of Christmas break!


    Re: Braces

    Hey Kasey

    I haven't wore braces before . I really wanna get one so bad . I admire people who have braces on. It looks nice

    Re: Braces

    Hi Kasey!

    I think braces are more normal than not anymore! It’s reaffirming to see so many CNetters who had to join the braces club.

    I had my braces for 6 years! D; It totally sucked the whole time. The whole thing took 6 years because of an extra canine tooth in my mouth. Can you believe that? When I was a kid, I had an extra canine embedded in my gums, up above my two front teeth. I had to have surgery to get it removed, and after that point my teeth were all kinds of messed up. My adult front teeth came in sideways- like edge on. The orthodontist had to turn them almost 90 degrees.

    In the midst of all that my braces needed bands to correct my bite and I needed a roof-of-the-mouth retainer to spread my rows of teeth apart. Have you ever seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp? There’s a scene where Willy is a child and he’s wearing a head cage attached to his braces. It’s a gruesome device. I was nearly to that point!

    To anyone who considers straightening their teeth: I’ve heard Invisalign is delightful compared to braces. Braces suck. :(

    A question to more people that respond: do you remember what it felt like to get your braces off? I remember my teeth being so slimy...