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    Your Thoughts on Faculty-Student Romances??

    created by Auntiec 3 days 13 hours 9 minutes ago

    Category: Politics

    Your Thoughts on Faculty-Student Romances??

    Hi CNet,

    Yesterday, there was a front page article in the Bozeman newspaper (Bozeman Chronicle) that addressed banning faculty-student relationships at the local university. To date, romantic/sexual relationships are allowed with the understanding that a professor will notify their immediate supervisor thus addressing grading and favoritism . The topic has come to light after the university recently settled a $175,000 law suit with a student who claimed her music professor forced her into a sexual relationship and assaulted her. The professor claims the relationship was consensual.

    How do you feel about faculty-student relationships? Do you think the university has any business in the romantic/sexual relationships of its staff or students? There was also discussion as to under grad vs graduate level students; does that make a difference? How about the play of power such as the lawsuit I mentioned above ,,, would a ban even matter? Would a ban lead to even greater secrecy?

    How do you feel about this topic and what are your thoughts?


    Re: Your Thoughts on Faculty-Student Romances??

    great question!

    and you know what? the hierarchical nature of the relationship, regardless of the university's policy, makes this "romance" a huge NO. there is too much room for the raw exercise of power over a subordinate who depends or may come to depend on the professor for a grade.

    most apt to lose is the professor, cuz even in the event of a false accusation, the prof will end up besmirched/smirched. (funny word, eh?)

    Re: Your Thoughts on Faculty-Student Romances??

    Hi Christi,

    I agree with ivanz, that is a HUGE NO! The abuse of power on both sides, a false accusation or "power over insubordinate" thing is too much for even the best of intentions to overcome. Best to wait until the student is no longer a student, whether grad or undergrad. A ban might lead to greater secrecy, but then there would be a clear policy in place that could be referenced.

    Thanks for the forum, and have a good one!


    Re: Your Thoughts on Faculty-Student Romances??

    I think that a teacher sure not get into a personal relationship with a student because it will affect the students progress in classroom and school work. And is not a good work ethic and moral for the teacher and the school.
    It can be use to cause problems like lawsuits etc.