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    Apple Airpods: Love em or hate em?

    created by BethRose84 4 days 45 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    Apple Airpods: Love em or hate em?

    Good morning Cnet family!

    While I was in the airport earlier this week, I noticed numerous people using Apple Airpods. I really have a hard time understanding how they could be comfortable! First off, I think they look a little silly since they aren't connected to anything. Second, I would be afraid of them falling out and possibly losing them or have them stepped on and broken (especially in the hustle and bustle of an airport).

    Maybe part of the reason I can't seem to accept them is that I have a really hard time using regular Apple earbuds. They just don't seem to stay in my ears well. I must have oddly shaped ears or something! Haha

    Do you use Airpods? Do you ever get nervous that you'll lose them? Have you found them to be convenient or more of a hassle?

    My husband wants a pair. Maybe some day I'll break down and get him one. Then again, he uses earbuds a lot more than I do. He uses them for a good part of his day at work. And even sometimes at home he'll use them. I rarely use any!

    Thank you to everyone that voted for me this past week, and congratulations to all the other winners!

    Have a great Thursday!

    Re: Apple Airpods: Love em or hate em?

    Good morning, Beth.

    I think the idea of wireless headphones are great! I use the wired earbuds for everyday things like walking to class. They work just fine for me. I don't have the wireless airpods but I think for someone like your husband who uses earbuds frequently he would definitely appreciate not having to deal with the wires getting tangled up.

    Aside from the wires getting tangled up in regular ear buds, I find that when I use them while working out, when I sweat, the ear buds fall out. So, if he's using them for working out I would be afraid they may fall out and land on the ground and get lost say if he's outdoors running. What I like to use when I am running are my wireless headphones that slip over the ear. They are very slim, flexible and small, but more sturdy. I got them from the Verizon store. They are actually really comfortable and attach via bluetooth to my iphone.

    Good luck with your decision. I think it's a personal one depending on the need and usage of them.

    Have a great day and thanks for reading!


    Re: Apple Airpods: Love em or hate em?

    Aloha Beth,

    I have a pair of airpods that I wear for running and I love em! I was worried too that they would fall out or not fit right but they work great! Yes they may look a but silly but they are so much better without the cord. You can even buy clips and a strap to connect them to each other which I got worried that I would lose them or that they would fall out while running but I have yet to use the strap or the clips because they stay in so well. Wireless headphones in and of themselves are great and the airpods I feel are pretty awesome. They link up to the phone and watch seamlessly and make it so much easier to just pop them in and go! I was unsure at first but am certainly a fan. I was just using them yesterday. The charging system is also very easy to use and your phone will show you how much battery power the pods have and the charger has. They really are well designed and very easy to use. I haven't used any other wireless headphones so I have nothing to compare them too but I am very happy with the airpods!

    - Wanderer

    Re: Apple Airpods: Love em or hate em?


    I personally don't have airpods and I really don't think I want them. I don't really like the style of the way they look, and I would be way too worried about losing them. I really like earphones with cords, because it's so much easier to keep track of them. Airpods probably have good sound quality, but they're a little too expensive for something that I don't really want to use.