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    created by hblack1 4 days 1 hour 23 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment


    Hey guys!

    Today, Sonic has 50 cent corndogs all day! Go grab some, there's still time! I've already been twice today, and I'm not even embarrassed to admit it because I'm a broke, hungry college kid. I love corndogs and I love Sonic, so I always take advantage of this deal, but almost every time, they only put mustard in my bag. I realize mustard is the preferred condiment on corndogs, but I hate mustard and eat ketchup on mine. So my question to you is: Which is better on corndogs? Ketchup or mustard?

    Let me hear your opinions! :)

    Re: Sonic

    I love sonic corn dogs. My sons loves them also. I love mustard on my corn dogs. It’s awesome that they have them for 50cents during happy hour. But my favorite food at sonic is cheese stick but I won’t eat them without marinara sauce. So whenever they have them for 50 cents me, my husband and my son has to go. Sonic can have my money anytime. Especially when I broke and don’t have time to cook being busy as a mom and wife.

    Re: Sonic

    Hi Haley,

    I LOVE Sonic!!! I live in Montana and there aren't any (that I know of) in the state. Before moving here, I lived in Oklahoma and fairly close to a Sonic. Let's just say that I made my fair share of Diet Cherry Limeades runs while I lived there! There is nothing like that cool, cherry goodness on a hot summer day! Writing this makes me miss it!

    You can put me on team mustard when it comes to corn dogs. It's about the only time I use mustard.

    Thanks for the forum and for the little trip down memory lane!


    Re: Sonic

    Hey Haley,

    We don't have a sonic too close to my house and I feel like it's such a tease because the commercials are on all of the time! The closest one is about 20 minutes away, which isn't too bad, but I try my best to not eat fast food. Only a few times a year if that because sometimes it upsets my stomach.