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    Christmas list & the hardest person to shop for?

    created by Auntiec 4 days 18 hours ago

    Category: World

    Christmas list & the hardest person to shop for?

    Hi CNet!

    Who is the hardest person to shop for on your Christmas shopping list? Have you ever just avoided picking something out and given gift cards? How do you feel about gifts cards in general?

    My Grandma is the hardest person to shop for and even though she always tells us to "Just send me a card!", I always give her a gift too. The problem is that she needs nothing and won't tell me what she wants. Life would be so much easier if people would just tell you some things that they want when you ask them!!!!! And, she doesn't believe in gift cards. I LOVE gift cards! Maybe it is a generational thing! This year, I am thinking of sending her fruit & nuts from the Harry & David catalog. I know she will like it, but it just seems so impersonal. One thing is for sure, I need to make up my mind soon!

    How about you? Who is the hardest person to shop for on your gift list?


    Re: Christmas list & the hardest person to shop for?

    Hi Christi

    I think the hardest person on my list to shop for would be my dad.
    I’m personally not a fan of gift cards. I like to make sure my gifts are personal. Something that I have figured out is, if you see something that reminds you of that person, they will most likely like it as a gift. Also sharing things with people that you really like is a great idea. For an example you could get your grandma a copy of your favorite book, then you can discuss it when she reads it. I typically give a journal along with a good book for writing down thoughts and ideas generated from the read. Also every few years I will only give handmade gifts, everyone loves that. To me it is the thought and love that goes into a gift that makes it a true gift.

    Happy Holidays!


    Re: Christmas list & the hardest person to shop for?

    Hi Christi,

    My mom for sure is the hardest person to shop for. She is like your grandma in that she says she doesn't need anything and doesn't really want anything (except maybe a couple million $ to help pay for my school and help my dad to be able to retire early......that's just a little bit out of my budget, haha!)

    Every year is a struggle, and when I insist, she actually tries really hard to think of something, but usually comes up with nothing. She does like items that can be used up rather than things that have to be stored long-term so lately I have been getting her nicely scented hand soap for the bathroom and maybe some of her favorite chocolate treat. Gift cards are always nice, but she almost always forgets to use them, in fact, she still has some from last year that my grandma got her!

    I absolutely think that the fruit and nuts idea is a great idea, and not impersonal at all. If she likes them and can eat them, then go for it. I think that is a very thoughtful gift. It isn't a thing that has to be stored long term and dusted, it is nourishing, and it will be delivered to her rather than her having to go out a figure out what to get like with a gift card.

    Good luck deciding. I'm sure your grandma will like anything that you get her. Grandmas are like that!

    Have a good one!


    Re: Christmas list & the hardest person to shop for?

    Aloha Christi,

    Like you said about your Grandmother everyone on my list is hard to shop for because they all have everything they need and then some. I really don't give many gifts but if I find something that I think my mom or dad needs or would want I will get it for them. Sometimes I just give the gift of my time and love which is all we really need since we have everything else. I too love gift cards because then you can get whatever you want and use it when it will benefit you most. I do like personal gifts so when I find something perfect for someone I will get it and give it for a birthday or Christmas. This year I did get my mom and dad a present. I found them each something I thought would be useful, thoughtful and that they didn't already have a million of them. My mom loves jewelry but I find it hard to pick it out myself because she is somewhat specific so I stray away from that unless I am positive she will love it! My dad is difficult because like I said he has everything he needs and is always ordering stuff so I have to figure out something that would be useful but maybe he has not thought of yet lol.

    - Wanderer

    Re: Christmas list & the hardest person to shop for?

    This is easy for me because I don’t get many people things for Christmas. My mom and daddy are totally easy to shop for. My nieces are young and easy to shop for also. Although my husband is really picky about everything I usually just ask him what he wants for Christmas. This is my sons second Christmas so he gets whatever we buy.

    I’m ok with getting gift cards for Christmas. Usually that’s what I give my dad if he doesn’t ask for anything in particular but he always gets a gift card from Bass Pro Shop he love that place and since he lives in a small town that doesn’t have a store he shops online, plus he is picking about using credit cards online so he loves his gift cards.

    Re: Christmas list & the hardest person to shop for?

    Hey Christi,

    I do not like to give gift cards, and avoid it at all costs! This year we are doing experience gifts for a few people, and it was a bit of a struggle but felt it was ok as it's an experience they are getting, not just a gift card in which I may never know what exactly they get.

    As for the hardest person to shop for? There's 2 that hold that title! My brother-in-law is one. I can't even remember what I've gotten him in the past couple years! My mother's boyfriend is there other. He's the guy that will go out and buy what he wants, when he wants. So he has it all. We typically end up getting him socks and sometimes I'll also make him peanut butter cookies. He's told us so many times that that's the best gift he could get! I just feel bad because it seems so minimal.

    This year they will both be getting experience gifts. I'm confident they'll really love them!