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    Happy Hump Day

    created by Avalon700 10 days 1 hour 57 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Happy Hump Day

    Do you use funny sayings like this?
    Happy Hump day! Its the middle of the week. We got this!

    .. .. / o._) .---.
    /--'/--\ \-'|| .----. .' '.
    / \_/ / | .' '..' '-.
    .'\ \__\ __.'.' .' i-._
    )\ | )\ | _.'
    // \\ // \\
    ||_ \\|_ \\_
    mrf '--' '--'' '--'


    Re: Happy Hump Day

    Hey Amanda!

    A crazy saying we say during game time in sports is "Let's Get It" or "Do the Damn Thing".

    Have a great day!


    Re: Happy Hump Day

    Hi Amanda,

    Welcome to C-Net!

    Here is a funny saying that goes around the elementary school where I work ,,, I teach second grade. "I don't have ducks. They are not in a row. I have squirrels and they are at a RAVE!" Nothing could be further from the truth during the holiday season!!!

    :) Happy Hump Day!


    Re: Happy Hump Day

    Hey Amanda,
    Hahahh I don't say alot of funny sayings but I do hear them around often. One thing we say to my friends from High School is "Just do it", one of my friends from high school loved Nike (still does), like dressed from head to toe. One day during our junior year he wanted to ask a girl out for a date and went up to her during lunch but he was extremely nervous. I think the girl knew but was just waiting for him so when he went up and didn't ask for a bit, one of my friends screamed Just do it!! It was pretty hilarious and since then its just been what we say to each other, its a nice memory and saying it brings back a lot of other funny memories we shared together.

    Nice post, have a great week!