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    Do you have any pets?

    created by wheelzofjustice 10 days 3 hours 25 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you have any pets?

    Hi Guys.

    So yesterday was a nightmare. I ordered a pizza, and the pizza delivery guy left my front gate open; when he did so, my dog daisy ran away. I searched all over, and could not find her. I was distraught because Daisy is almost 14 years old and has poor vision and hearing. I feared that she would be hit by an incoming car. I decided to post photos of her all over social media. Someone found her and brought her home after seeing my post. She somehow made it almost 2 miles away.

    Never have I ever been more grateful for Facebook. I love my dog.

    Do you guys have any pets?

    Re: Do you have any pets?


    I am so glad you got your dog back! My dog is also 14 years old. She is a black lab cross. I worry all the time her and her age. She has never been smart around vehicles. Although her hearing and vision are still quite good, she doesn't listen worth a darn! She has become very stubborn in her old age.

    I also have a black cat named buddy. I recently moved and couldn't have him in my new place so he is staying with my mom. I really miss him. He loves to sit on your lap and keep you compmany.


    Re: Do you have any pets?


    The only pets I have is a parakeet and fish. I am glad that you found your dog and it is nice that we have Facebook and that it helped you in getting your dog back. I would have been in panic if that happened to me and wouldn't know what to do. My neighbor has a cat that seems to love us and is also on our front porch. We feed her and she loves it but we can't let her in because my neighbor wouldn't be too happy about that.

    Thanks for the forum and I'm glad you found your dog and she is safe.

    Re: Do you have any pets?


    We do have a dog. She's a year old and still in training. I definitely understand your feeling of being distraught. Many years ago when I was about 5 years old my parents had a Boston Terrier who I was growing up with as he was only 6 months born before me. One day my mom let him outside to go use the bathroom and next thing she heard a yell sound and my dad went outside and someone stole him. It was devastating to us. To this day my mom won't get another Boston Terrier and it's hard for her to get close to another dog emotionally.

    Happy Daisy made it home and where she belongs. Stay blessed!