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    Grocery Lists

    created by RaeannaC91 6 days 20 hours 12 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Grocery Lists

    Hey C-net,

    Do you make a grocery list before you go shopping or do you just buy whatever you think/know you need/want?

    For us we sometimes make a list but usually we have what we want to buy in our head. Like we always buy ground beef every week and usually a bag of chicken (leg quarters) and some form of pork. We also usually get a few cans of vegetables and beans or even bags of dry beans.

    The only time we do a list is when we feel we might forget something or doing some shopping for a holiday meal.

    If we do forget something, it's usually a condiment or seasoning we needed.

    Hope you have a good day and good luck today everyone! Not too much longer until this voting quarter ends and a new one starts.


    Re: Grocery Lists

    I usually just wing it when I go grocery shopping unless I am on a tight budget then I only write down what I need. Somehow I end up going outside this list so I usually just go with my instincts on what I need.


    Re: Grocery Lists

    I constantly make lists- for everything. Its my OCD lol

    Re: Grocery Lists

    Hi Raeanna!

    My mom does the shopping for our family. I have a dining plan at college, but I can tell you what my mom does. She goes over the ads from 5 different grocery stores every week, then makes her list by what is on sale. She does a little bit of a stock up if it is a good sale. For instance, this week, ground beef is on sale, so she will buy 2 big packages and separate it into 1 pound increments and put it in the freezer, then next week when it is not on sale, she won't have to buy it, she already has it. She also buys fresh fruit and veggies and some frozen veggies if there is a good sale. The staple things that she buys are bread, milk, and the crackers that my brother likes because he eats like 3 boxes of them a week!! She usually comes home with 3 or 4 things that are not on the list....ha. Then she just fixes meals based on what she has in the house. Usually the freezer is pretty full so she has quite a bit to choose from, so it works out.

    Do you plan out your meals every week? Does that make it easier to go without making a list?

    Thanks for the forum, and have a good one!


    Re: Grocery Lists

    Yes, I make my grocery list before grocery shopping. I actually find recipes for the week. Then I make out my grocery list of the ingredients I’ll need for my weekly recipes and other food items my family and I need and want. Most of my ingredients I saved to my Kroger shopping list, which I have on the Kroger app. And due to me having a very active child I use the Kroger click list. Which I love.

    Oh by the way I find my recipes on Pinterest.