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    How do you study for an exam?

    created by Wanderlust618 4 days 10 hours 39 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    How do you study for an exam?

    Aloha CollegeNet,

    With finals coming up for many of you I thought this might be a helpful topic and I also have an exam on the horizon. How do you best study for an exam? Do you make flashcards? Study on your own or form study groups? Do you re-read material? Go over your notes? Answer practice questions? Enroll in a review course?

    For my upcoming exam I have enrolled in a review course and am trying to answer practice questions everyday. I have been slacking lately. I have also bought flashcards which I should really start using.

    How about you? How do you study best?

    - Wanderer

    Re: How do you study for an exam?

    Hey Wanderer!

    I study best alone honestly. Having other people around me talking or trying to ask me questions tends to split my focus. Basically, I go over every single note I've ever written and every quiz I've taken. I also search for other questions online and answer them so that I've covered all my bases. I don't really use flashcards. They're useful, sure, but they've never really helped me out much. They're just not my thing.

    When studying anything math related like Calculus or Physics, I like to listen to music while I study. I solve as many problems as I can find and I go over everything that was mentioned in class. Then I get other challenging questions from the internet just in case the teacher decides to get something similar.

    I guess it's just different for everybody.

    Good luck on your tests, and good luck in today's election!


    Re: How do you study for an exam?


    I record lectures and listen to them, and I also record myself reading my notes/textbook. I then listen to all the recordings. I am an auditory learner and tend to absorb information when I hear it. This is how I study.