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    created by fa1th3rs 10 days 7 hours 40 minutes ago

    Category: World


    Do you ever notice the warning signs that you may be getting sick? A couple of sneezing fits, feeling extra tired, etc? When you're in the pre-cold stage what, if anything, do you do to prevent a full-blown cold?

    I've had a couple of sneezing fits and now I'm starting to pay attention to that weird feeling in the back of my throat, so I'm all about the Airborne tablets and getting some Zs this week!

    Re: Pre-Colds

    I have huge tonsils and since they are our bodies first line of defense All my colds start there. If I am about to get sick I can tell because my throat starts to get scratchy and feels off. It doesn’t start with a full blown sore throat. If my immune system wins the battle then I don’t get sick and the feeling goes away. Sometimes my body loses tho and that scratchy feeling turns into a sore throat and then other symptoms.

    Once I start to get that scratchy feeling in my throat I try to take lots of vitamin C, stay warm and rest more. To help my immune system. If I don’t do this things then I am much more likely to get sick.


    Re: Pre-Colds


    I don't think I ever really notice when I'm getting sick unless the signs are really obvious. If I was sneezing and feeling tired, I probably wouldn't even think twice about it. It's when my throat hurts or my voice changes that I start thinking something might be wrong. I don't do anything about it though. I think, "it'll go on it's own; I don't have to do anything." It doesn't. Then I'm stuck with a cold for quite a while.

    I only start taking medicine when I have a fever. I try to milk this experience as much as I can by being absent for as long as possible. School sucks, lol.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Good luck in today's election, and have a wonderful day!


    Re: Pre-Colds

    Hey There,

    I hate that pre-cold feeling! I always try to talk myself out of getting a full blown cold, but it rarely works out for me! For me, it always starts with a scratchy throat and I get that "whisk drinking" sound to my voice.

    To try and stop it or lessen its impact, I rest/nap and I take Zicam. Vitamin C helps too.

    I hope you avoided a nasty cold, but if you did catch one, I hope you can kick it quickly!

    Hang in there,