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    What is true love?

    created by EmanJenkens 4 days 12 hours 20 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What is true love?

    Good morning CNet Family,

    What does true love mean to you? What is it?

    To me it is something you can only feel in your heart and it differs with everyone. I think it's about mutual admiration and respect for your partner and to know you can rely on one another no matter what. Whatever it is, it brings you immense happiness.

    Thanks for reading. Have a great day and good luck to everyone in today's election.


    Re: What is true love?

    True love to me is something or someone you would do anything for. True love will never let you do. It is a thing that will always keep you going no matter how hard or difficult the task at hand is. True love is there to always support you whether or not the person or thing likes what you are doing. For me, I would do anything and support anything my true love wants to do. True love never asks questions or makes you feel like you are choosing the wrong thing. It will just be there for you if you need help or guidance. I would do anything for my true love and I know my true love would do anything for me. True love is a rare and special thing to have so if you have true love never lose it and always do what you can to keep it.

    Re: What is true love?

    True love is an emotion much stronger then just a feeling. Love is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection; but true love is defined as is a strong and lasting affection between spouses or lovers who are in a happy, passionate and fulfilling relationship. This for many, comes in time. For example when you observe the adorable elderly couple in the booth at the restaurant you are at. You see them smiling and laughing, genuinely enjoying their time together. It may be because they have many years of life experience and they have a deeper understanding of the importance of happiness. It does not necessarily declare that those in a younger stage of life cannot obtain true love with another. This is just as possible but not necessarily as common. This is due to the fact that love and true love is different. Love, in my opinion, is due to change-true love is infinite, and unchanging.

    Re: What is true love?

    Aloha EmanJenkens,

    I think true love to me equates to unconditional love where you love someone no matter what. Like a mother loving her child no matter who that child turns into as an adult person. Or loving a partner so much that what they do does not change your deep love for them. True love manifests on a level deeper than the physical but has a spiritual aspect to it and is on a soul level. True love is the purest thing that exists in life. I think ultimately we are all striving for true love in one way or another whether we know it or not. I think that between true soulmates true love exists. But true love I don't think is just romantic love as true unconditional love can exist between ourselves and all others. I think part of why we are here on earth is to find true love within ourselves and with all others. To truly love each other unconditionally is something to work towards. I know I for one can feel in my heart the desire for true love. I think it drives so much of what we do in our lives.

    - Wanderer