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    Would you want to be a celebrity?

    created by bubbers 4 days 23 hours 50 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Would you want to be a celebrity?

    Social media can be pretty toxic. As things like Mean Tweets with Jimmy Kimmel show, even celebrities can be relentlessly cyber bullied.

    Recently, with Ariana Grande’s new song “Thank U, Next” and Pete Davidson’s return to Instagram, he’s been receiving death threats and requests for him to kill himself.

    Being a celebrity nowadays, with the onslaught of social media, looks pretty scary. Celebrities are humans too!

    Would you ever want to be one?

    Re: Would you want to be a celebrity?

    Hey there,

    I would never want to be a celebrity or even close to famous. Even if I was to find the cure for cancer or something, I don't think I would want to be so known. The lack of privacy would suck and any mistake you do, will usually get out.

    Plus even your past life can be used against you as I've seen it happen.

    The money would be nice but I don't think it's worth it with everything else you have to deal with as a celeb.

    Hope you have great day!


    Re: Would you want to be a celebrity?

    Hi Bubbers,
    I can’t believe he is actually getting death threats. It anything in her song she is saying thank you and if you watch her video she writes nice things on his page in her book. She writes sorry I dipped. Maybe I missed something else I don’t really follow gossip about celebrities. It’s just crazy to me that people will write death threat because of a song. That is what’s wrong with society we care more about the life of a celebrity then Orangutans almost becoming extinct because of palm oil. No I would never want to be famous because then you have to deal with BS like this.


    Re: Would you want to be a celebrity?

    Aloha bubbers,

    There was a time that I would have wanted to be famous and admired, perhaps on the level of Ariana Grande. That video she did attracted a LOT of attention. I don't think Pete got the fair end of the stick with their break up. I think her video was very entertaining, brought in a lot of cultural references and celebrities, but I think there was an opportunistic element to it.

    To be a celebrity, you have to have thick skin. Even Ariana is not immune to criticism, no celebrity is, as you might discover when you watch mean Tweets and also see the comments left on Instagram about celebrities' weight, character, choices, etc.

    Celebrity is a double-edged sword. You must take the admiration with the criticism. You take the fortune with the responsibilities. You get the attention with the lack of privacy. Event hough I used to wish for fame, I am happy with the level of being normal that I am now.