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    HALP!! (Also, some advice for newbies!)

    created by teebeetoo 6 days 10 hours 6 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    HALP!! (Also, some advice for newbies!)

    Hey Veteran CNetters!

    I just realized that when I purged my email box most recently, I purged my Collegenet emails, and also the email notification that I won during my rookie week. I contacted the Facebook page but no one has gotten back to me. I don't want to lose my sweet, sweet loan payment! Anyone know how I can go about claiming my scholarship if I don't have that email???

    Newbies! Don't delete your emails!

    Also Newbies, Sometimes at the end of a voting cycle when I am looking for people to vote for because I have already voted for all of the regulars who I interact with often, I look for new candidates or Rookies to vote for so I can help prop up someone new. However, a lot of times I can't find a new candidate who has posted anything, and no one can vote for you until you post something. So get out there and post! Find active people and chime into the conversation! We want to support you!

    Happy election day and thanks in advance for your advice!

    Re: HALP!! (Also, some advice for newbies!)

    Good morning, Teebeetoo,

    I am not exactly a veteran, as I started in July, but I did successfully earn scholarship money at the end of the 3rd quarter (September 30th). Here is what I know:

    At the end of each quarter is when you will get a notification email with all the information you need.They payout quarterly. It will have information and instructions that you will use to acknowledge and request disbursement including the disbursement ID!

    At the end of each week if you are a winner you get a email notification but that does not have the disbursement ID!

    You will be all right. Don't panic!

    Have a great day and good luck in this week's election.


    Re: HALP!! (Also, some advice for newbies!)

    Yes, Teebeetoo,

    You will get a notification by end of Quarter which will be end of Dec. It is just as Jon explained. If you need to reach someone at collegenet Sarah is the best contact. Her email is She is quick in answering any questions you may have.

    Re: HALP!! (Also, some advice for newbies!)

    Thank you guys so much! So what I understand is that even though I have deleted the original notification email, I will receive another one and I can reply to that and follow the instructions. Phew!

    Also, thank you motivated one for your help with the contact! And Happy Birthday!

    Re: HALP!! (Also, some advice for newbies!)


    Thanks for posting this. I am new and was curious about dispersment too. I knew it was coming up but hadn't gotten around to researching how it works. So thank you Jon and MotivatedOne for sharing the tips. :)

    Best wishes,

    Re: HALP!! (Also, some advice for newbies!)

    Hey Teebeetoo!

    Thank you for asking the question. I tend to do that with my email and may not have thought about that either. It is good to know that they resend the info at the end of the quarter!

    I would also like to thank you for your direct and honest reply to my post yesterday. I appreciate it! You definitely made some valid points. I think our culture does need to be changed. There are so many things that have just "always been that way" so they are still tolerated, which is unacceptable. I am not sure what the final decision will be regarding the performance of the song at the HS concert, but I do like that it has brought about a discussion that needs to happen. I am sure there are many HS students, and adults, who hear a song but don't really listen to the words. According to my friends, there have been some great discussions initiated by students but facilitated by adults and that is great! If that gets one person to actually think more about the music they listen to and the things they inadvertently support then it is a win!!

    Thanks again for sharing and good luck in today's election!


    Re: HALP!! (Also, some advice for newbies!)

    Kyle, I saw that discussion on your page and while at first I was a little put off because I thought maybe people were making light of a serious discussion whose time has come now I can see that it has actually provoked a lot of good thinking and in this case collegenet isnt just about people posting to get votes, its also about being thoughtful and being productive in making ourselves critical thinkers. That's good to see. Good luck to everyone.

    I don't expect to win, but I think one day I will learn from you guys.