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    Thank U, Next

    created by dymphie 4 days 13 hours 54 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Thank U, Next

    What have you learned from a past relationship (romantic, friendship, etc.) that has helped you improve as a person?

    I recently watched the Ariana Grande music video for Thank U, Next. I enjoyed the Mean Girls and Legally Blonde references! That aside, I guess due to the catchy nature of the song, it's been in my head and made me think of my ex and what I learned from that relationship. 

    Things I learned from my ex:

    - To never lose my individuality in a relationship and to be true to myself

    - To express myself more and speak up if I have something to say

    - To make time for my friends and family, and not have my relationship with my partner be the sole important relationship in my life

    Since having a healthy, happy relationship with my husband is due to what I've learned in my past relationship, in that way, I am grateful to my ex!


    What about you guys?

    Have a great day!

    - dymphie 

    Re: Thank U, Next

    This is a really great one, Dymphie!

    I've learned that I'm never going to be able to "fix" anyone, so if they aren't someone that is good for me now, they never will be. (Also, I don't have time for fixing, I have my own dreams!)

    Also, if someone is not doing things you are interested in NOW, even if they say they will later, they won't. Love to travel? be with someone who loves to travel. If you delay the things you want to do for someone else, you might be delaying them forever.

    One more: you need to be able to love who someone is at their worst. I've had a lot of girlfriends with crappy abusive boyfriends, and they say, "Oh he's just stressed" or he just gets like that when....." Life is hard. If someone turns into an abusive jerk when life is hard, they will always be an abusive jerk.

    Great topic, and I bet it will be helpful for many of us!

    Have a great day!

    Re: Thank U, Next

    Good morning, Dymphie,

    Great topic and I can appreciate your thoughts as well as Teebeetoo's as well. I have learned from past relationships that I need to stay true to my values. I can't let wanting to be the popular guy mean that I sacrifice my convictions. I learned that actually people respected me so much because I chose the path that was right, not always "fun" or easy. I learned to "walk away from" those who didn't share my beliefs, but still cared about and wanted the best for them. I have also learned from my past relationships that sacrifice is necessary but at the same time there are limits to that. I need to be sure I am also feeding my own needs and goals for my future and if my s/o isn't willing to be a true partner, then I am not with the right person.

    Thanks for the forum! And thank you for your response on my What's your 212 degree forum! It was good stuff!

    Have a great day and good luck in this week's election!


    Re: Thank U, Next

    Hey dymphie,

    I love this topic! I think all of the things you listed are also things I learned over the years. Another one being to not lose your own happiness to make someone you love happy. Also, to look for someone that is supportive in the things you want to accomplish out of your life and isn't jealous by any means of your successes.


    Re: Thank U, Next


    What I learned from my past ex is to always know yourself worth and never feel like your not worthy. I also learned that just because they want you, doesn’t mean they care about you. Plus, always remember you are the prize to be won. Some of the ones you listed I learned from my past relationship with my ex too. Ariana Grandes video thank you next was so good I loved the Legally Blonde, Bring it on, and Mean girls reference, it made the video that much more awesome. I love all those movies.