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    Do you still read books?

    created by jwade13 10 days 11 hours ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Do you still read books?

    Hey CNet,

    I have a question for ya!

    Do you still read books for pleasure? No, I'm not talking about for school, or exams, etc.

    Do you still read books as an enjoyable hobby?
    I feel like I have spurts when it comes to reading and I won't read while I'm studying for my licensing exams, but then when I'm not studying for those I usually go on a reading rampage. I really would like to get back into books more regularly and read the stash that I bought last year.


    Re: Do you still read books?

    Hey Jess!

    I really want to read more, but most of my time at the moment is dedicated to reading for school. I would love to read more for leisure. The types of books that I like to read are fiction, like Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I like using my imagination to be engaged in a new world and setting, with some interesting characters. Some non-fiction I'll like as long as the topic interests me.

    For road trips, I like to listen to audiobooks. I like that I can keep my mind engaged while the road is monotonous. I feel like I can be productive while I'm driving as well, haha.

    Good topic!

    Have a great day!

    - dymphie

    Re: Do you still read books?

    Hey Jess,

    I honestly like reading but never really find the time for it so it never happens these days. I definitely would like to read more. I commute to work every day and my commute is about 40 minutes and I just spend it on my phone which is not a great thing. I am working in front of two screens all day and should take a rest from my phone. I want to start reading more during my commute to school and work as it is a long commute. I am hoping to get to do this after finishing exams and while on break.

    Thanks for the forum Jess!

    Re: Do you still read books?


    I do still read books and in fact I quite love to pick up a good book. My problem lately is that I don't keep at it when I pick up a book. I really want to read more but I get so distracted by my phone and other activities but I do value and cherish my reading time with a good book. I have lots of books and I always find new books I want to read but I really really need to read books that I have already. I also have an amazon fire which I have bought a few books on but I do really like holding a real book in my hand. I hope reading a book does not become a lost art. I think there is so much value in reading books. I would love to be part of a book club- I wonder if that would encourage me to read more consistently for pleasure. Having that little bit of pressure that others are counting on me to read a book and finish in a timely manner could be really good for me. I feel like book clubs can be hard to come by though. I read a unique variety of books- stuff on meditation, philosophy, personal growth and spirituality. I am trying to read an autobiography currently but I haven't picked it up in a while. This forum is a good reminder that I should get back to reading for fun!

    Thanks for the forum!

    - Wanderer

    Re: Do you still read books?

    I've never been a big reader. Mostly because I take awhile to read/am easily distracted and when I'm too long away from a story I no longer feel compelled to finish it.

    I've been working on this one book for couple of months that's very interesting by very dense. Thankfully, since it's an analysis and not a single plot-line, I'm able to read a couple of chapters here and there and then leave it while I digest what I've read, without losing interest all together.

    I'm also very one-track-minded when it comes to reading so I feel I have to finish this book before I can move on to another one.

    Re: Do you still read books?

    Yes I still read books but my friends think its weird. I love to read when am bored and have nothing doing .I got a bunch of books in my room. Reading everyday gives me more knowledge so I dnt understand why others think its weird to read.

    Re: Do you still read books?

    Hi Jess!

    I love to read for pleasure! However, I'm like you. I get busy with school, and obviously I have to read textbooks and notes versus things I would rather be reading like historical fiction romance novels (guilty pleasure!). As soon as my semesters end, I always look forward to getting new books to read over the breaks. Friday is my last day before Christmas break, and now you've gotten me excited to start reading again! Yay!

    Loved this topic

    Re: Do you still read books?

    Hey Jess,

    I do still read for pleasure. I also do so in spurts though. It over took me about a year to read a book! I blame that on the fact that I decided to start a new book just a couple weeks before my daughter was born!

    I just started a new book this week on my trip for work. It's called The Target. It's actually a much older book, but so far it's really good.

    I am actually starting a library at my work. We are collecting books from employees and will put together a small library where people can borrow a book and then just being out back when they're sleeping. So many people at my work travel, and many people like to read when they travel, so that's part of how the idea started. That and I read a book recently based on a recommendation from a teammate. Both she and another teammate had read it. It was nice to be able to talk to them about the same book we all read.