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    Would you want to be famous?

    created by BethRose84 4 days 15 hours 13 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Would you want to be famous?

    Good morning Cnet family!

    Today is a simple topic, since I'll be travelling all day, and my brain hasn't exactly woken up yet!

    If you had the opportunity to be famous, would you want to be? Why or why not? What would you want to be famous for?

    Good luck in today's election :)


    Re: Would you want to be famous?

    Hello Beth,

    Famous....Hmm... I was never really the type of girl that liked the spotlight. Whatever I did, I tried to perfect, but never to the point where I was the absolute best. Part of the reason may have been because I never really thrived to be famous. So I guess if I was given a choice between being really successful but not so famous or successful and famous, I would probably choose the former.

    If I ever were to become famous I would like it to be for something unique that I do. Maybe on the Guinness world record or something like that. Like that guy who can break I don't know how many watermelons on his head, although mine would be a little less extreme lol. Maybe I would be famous for being the person who could stand on her tippy toes for X amount of time.. Just a thought!

    Thanks for the forum Beth! and thank you for replying to my forums, your replies are always insightful and full of joy! Hope you feel better from the traveling soon!


    Re: Would you want to be famous?

    Good morning, Beth!

    Fun topic!

    I am kind of a shy guy so I would say in general I never thought of becoming a famous person such as an actor or musician. But I become a different person when I am playing sports. As a little kid I always dreamed of playing pro sports-either soccer or basketball. I could see myself as a famous pro athlete only while playing the sport, because afterward I don't like all the attention continuously being on me. As a pro athlete I would want to be known for my being a good role model and mentor to kids as well as for philanthropy. I was taught to work hard and stay humble. Being a famous person may not completely fit my personality outside of what I mentioned though.

    Safe travels to you today! Have a great day and good luck in this week's election.