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    Would you ever go on Reality TV?

    created by dgriffay 5 days 5 hours 31 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Would you ever go on Reality TV?

    Hi CNetters,
    Good luck to everyone for this Election Day and a Happy Birthday to MotivatedOne. It looks like you will be getting your birthday wish.

    My question today is would you go on to a reality tv show?

    For me it depends on the show. I have actually made audition videos for Survivor and Amazing Race but I have never actually ended up submitting them. I think it would be so weird to do a show and I would be horribly awkward but I would like the experience both of these shows would offer. These would be the only reality tv show I would consider doing. No way would I go on any of those dating shows or random ones MTV always creates. I might have considered Road Rules when that was on TV but I prefer Amazing Race.

    How about all of you?


    Re: Would you ever go on Reality TV?

    Hey Daniella,

    I would never go on a reality show. I feel like so many people hat go on them wind up messed up after them or it impacts so many of their relationships that I wouldn't want to take that risk. Plus, there's really no shows that I would even want to be on. I couldn't be on any survivor type shows because I'm scared of everything, so I know I wouldn't put myself through that.


    Re: Would you ever go on Reality TV?

    Hey Daniella,

    I don't think I would ever go on a reality show. First of all, I will be too weird and awkward, I think I will not know how to react in front of cameras. I am a shy person and this will be make it much worse on me. I also don't watch any reality tv shows as most of them out there are a real waste of time especially those dating shows. Survivor type shows are interesting and I do like watching those but I am also a scare freak where everything freaks me out and will probably not survive in those shows. After writing this, I am sure that I can not be on reality shows lol.

    Thanks Daniella for the forum and I hope you have a nice day!

    Re: Would you ever go on Reality TV?


    There is no way I would go on a reality show. I'm not really a huge fan of having my life filmed for all to see.
    I'm super shy, so being put in that position would just make me freeze up, and I would feel like I would need to change everything about myself so that no one judged me.


    Re: Would you ever go on Reality TV?

    Eh, I've been on enough television to get an idea as to how they make the reality TV shows and it has got to be totally ridiculous. I feel like I would kick a ton of ass in Wipeout or a similar obstacle course based scenario, but like...Real World? Ha! I never in a million years would sign up for something like that.

    I hate attention and people looking at me, being on a show, especially the cultural herpes that is reality TV, would be my hell.