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    What makes you "lose brain cells?"

    created by Chloe Tremmel 29 days 4 hours 11 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What makes you "lose brain cells?"

    Hey, CNet! What makes you "lose brain cells?"

    One may feel they have "lost brain cells" when they have had to use lots of brain power to work on something intellectually challenging. In other cases, people may feel like they've "lost brain cells" when they are exposed to conversations, songs, etc that are remarkably ignorant and/or mind-numbing.

    When I study really hard for a test with a lot of challenging content, I feel like I can't do anything else with my brain after the test because I've worked it so hard, like this week. I had a chemistry quiz today. Since I'm in honors, the quizzes and assignments are supposed to be advanced, so there was a lot of content to retain in order to do well on it. I feel like I did well on it. I have a few homework assignments to do now that I'll get to later. For now, I feel like I need to relax my brain by playing some piano, reading some things online, etc.

    What about you? What things numb/exhaust your mind? In what ways?

    Have a great evening! :)

    Re: What makes you "lose brain cells?"

    Hi Chloe,

    I would say that I feel like I "lose brain cells" after not usingJapanese language for a couple of weeks and I lose my vocabulary, grammar structures, and general fluency of speech. I always feel like I have lost some neural connections of some sort up there. xD

    Fortunately, it is pretty easy to gain them back, it simply means some consistent, quality time spent for a few months and I will be back up to my 3 year old proficiency in Japanese. If I moved to Japan for a year, I would come home fluent in the language. Though, even after becoming fluent, languages are one of those things: Use it or lose it! Otherwise, you will "lose your brain cells" that are for language.



    Re: What makes you "lose brain cells?"

    Aloha Chloe and congrats on your win a couple of weeks ago.

    For my classes, I have to administer achievement and intelligence tests, and that is a challenge for me. I am not super good at technical things, so I need a lot of practices until I master all the rules of the test.... I also stress out about doing it right, and making mistakes. Some of them contain a lot of sections, and I definitely feel wiped out after I finish them!


    Re: What makes you "lose brain cells?"


    I would say driving makes me loose brain cells. I have been driving alot lately. It is not a bad commute , but I noticed when I get home the mental stress is lifted from me. A good driver puts alot of effort into being safe.

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