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    How loud or soft do you sneeze?

    created by creativealex 29 days 10 hours 29 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    How loud or soft do you sneeze?

    Hi guys!

    How loud or soft do you sneeze? Do you tend to hold in your sneezes, or is it hard for you to control the fate of your upcoming sneezes?

    I've been known to having pretty scary and loud sneezes... honestly they sound like a hurricane trapped inside of an echo chamber LOL. It's really hilarious and embarrassing but in all reality, it's just hard to control, and it isn't a good thing to restrict my body from what it needs to do.

    How about you guys?


    Re: How loud or soft do you sneeze?

    Hey Alex,

    I've wished a few things in my life at a young age that I really would have been better off not wishing! My father used to (still does) sneeze extremely loud. So loud that the neighbors could hear it.

    I, being the naive kid I was, wanted to sneeze just like my dad for some reason. So now, I have these ginormous, exaggerated sneezes that I can't control unless absolutely necessary to hold back the beast of a sneeze I have. Sometimes that hurts though!

    Maybe I can reverse it and start sneezing super softly, haha! On the other hand, maybe we can have a sneeze off competition.

    Have a good one,

    Re: How loud or soft do you sneeze?

    Hey Alex!

    My sneezes are pretty average volume-wise, but I can never sneeze just once! I always sneeze three or four times.

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: How loud or soft do you sneeze?

    Hey Alex,

    My sneeze is a normal volume. Not to loud, not too quiet.

    I know a few people who have loud sneezes including my brother which would always make me jump because of how startled I was by the sound.

    It was very terrifying to here these sneezes lol.


    @Bella, HaHa

    You dad's sneeze was a thunder storm lol.

    Wow, I wonder how the neighbors felt when they heard it.

    I guess you could control the noise but it probably might be hard :)

    Thanks for the forum and have a great day!


    Re: How loud or soft do you sneeze?

    Hey Alex,

    My sneezes are pretty average.

    haha I dont know why but I really can't stand when people sneezes and it sounds like a mouse. They're just so quiet and it seems like they are controlling it to make it sound cute. I fell like you should just let go and sneeze no matter how loud it is.

    Re: How loud or soft do you sneeze?

    It depends. I have pretty average sneezes when its just allergies. Right now I am sick, so my sneezes are mountain moving. I am assuming my organs are still in their rightful places, but my lower stomach hurts, so I may have popped an ovary. I would not be surprised if I peed my pants during one because my sick sneezes are pretty powerful. I'm thinking of using them to fight crime. I need a name.....

    Re: How loud or soft do you sneeze?

    I would say my sneezes are average, however, I always try to hold it in while in public because sometimes they come out sounding embarrassing. Sometimes I want to sneeze but it barely comes out so I just sound stupid. I never really had trouble with loud sneezes its mostly with weird, short sneezes.

    Re: How loud or soft do you sneeze?

    Hi, Alex!

    I'm not loud at all when I sneeze. My sneezes are "tiny." Unlike most, I don't not vocalize when I sneeze. I just make the "chhhh" noise. People think it's adorable. One time, I sneezed like that around my sister's friends and one of them went "awwww, that was the cutest sneeze I've ever heard!"

    If you've ever heard a puppy's sneeze, that's what mine sounds like. Haha.

    Thanks for the forum!
    Have a wonderful evening. :)

    Re: How loud or soft do you sneeze?

    Aloha Alex,

    Such a funny topic. I actually sneeze pretty loud too. My sisters always say I'm "extra" because of the way I sneeze, but I can't help's a sneeze lol. It just happens. I have tried to hold my sneezes in at work but it never works, it usually makes them even louder.

    Thanks for the forum!


    Re: How loud or soft do you sneeze?

    Hi Alex!

    This is such a funny and relatable post! I feel like I sneeze fairly loud, especially for a girl. Many of my friends have the cute little sneezes and then I'm over here yelling my brains out haha. But I mean at least I feel relieved afterwards!