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    SLEEP restful or toss and turn ?

    created by animal lover 29 days 3 hours 46 minutes ago

    Category: Science

    SLEEP restful or toss and turn ?

    Hey CNET.

    How did you sleep ? Was it restful or did you toss and turn all night ?

    How often do you not sleep well vs when you do sleep well?

    I sleep good like 5 nights put of the week. There will be a couple nights I will toss and turn. Mostly because I did not work put that day. Excersice plays a big roll in how I sleep. So I make sure to get some activity in.

    I also had to learn how to turn my brain off. Some nights I don't find Zen. But most nights if I put down my phone two hours before I go to bed , do some light stretches I sleep like a baby.

    What about you ?


    Re: SLEEP restful or toss and turn ?

    Hey Julia,
    My sleep depends on the amount of work I have left to do, and how much I'm stressing about it.

    As for how I slept, I'm in a totally different time zone from you, which makes it difficult to answer this question currently as it's only 820 p.m. here.

    Exercise helps me sleep, however there is a technique a friend of mine taught me which seems to work almost every time.

    The exercise is a form of self hypnosis, beginning with telling myself that my arms are getting heavy and focusing on the feeling of them getting heavy. You start with the one arm, then do the other, then both. After that you do the same with your legs, then chest, then head. You need to keep repeating the phrase until you actually feel the heaviness.

    Re: SLEEP restful or toss and turn ?

    Hello Julia,

    I slept like a baby! Luckily I haven't been having trouble sleeping for the past couple of years. I remember as a kid I dreaded bedtime I could never just simply sleep. Nowadays I put my head on the pillow, think about something that happened to me during the day and bam! in the middle of my thoughts I fall asleep. The reason might be is that I only sleep like 6 hours a day, which is slightly below average so I guess I'm tired at the end of the day.

    Thank you for asking Julia!


    Re: SLEEP restful or toss and turn ?

    Hey Julia,

    I feel like as I get older I toss and turn way more than I used to. I feel like the night time is when I stay up and think too much, so I haven't been getting enough sleep or restless sleep. I've tried melatonin, zzzquil and everything else and nothing seems to work, so I've just accepted the fact that I won't get great sleep on a usual basis lol


    Re: SLEEP restful or toss and turn ?

    Hi Julis!

    I used to sleep "like a baby" even during times of stress or angst.

    Now, I am more like Jess. I don't always sleep well and I've come to accept it and not fight it. I still fall asleep easily, but I often wake up at around 2 or 3. Sometimes I go back to sleep and other times I don't!

    Maybe it's just a phase,,,fingers crossed!

    I hope your week is going well,


    Re: SLEEP restful or toss and turn ?

    Aloha Julia,

    I am so happy to report that I have been sleeping sooooooooooooooooooooo well! I am so happy that I am sleeping so well. I look forward to going to bed because I know I will get a restful night's sleep and enjoy the time it takes to fall asleep because I feel so nice and comfy and ready to settle in for a good night's slumber. Lately I have been a little worried that I am enjoying my sleep too much that I choose to go to bed too early. I have been really wearing myself out with running. Marathon training certainly keeps me tired and lends to having good night's sleep.

    Nights when you toss and turn are really difficult mentally and physically. I have gone through periods where sleep didn't come at all at night and for many nights in a row. That is so very difficult to endure and I feel so bad for people who have trouble sleeping routinely. I think sleep quality can be related to stress and not enough time to decompress from the day. As humans we really need sleep to help us reset and be refreshed for another day.

    I remember one night recently I had trouble sleeping so I journaled some and then finally settled in to listen to a guided meditation which really helped and I fell asleep. We all have to have tools that we can access when it is hard to fall asleep- whether it be a book, a guided meditation app, medication and doing things during the day like exercise and meditation that will promote healthy sleep habits.

    As a nurse we counsel patients often on good sleep hygiene which includes shutting off all electronics 1-2 hours before bed, getting exercise during the day but not too close to bedtime, going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday.

    I wish everyone restful sleep!

    - Wanderer