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    Do you like Tofu?

    created by mtteacher 34 days 23 hours 17 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you like Tofu?

    Hi CNET!

    I am watching the Food Network tonight and they are cooking with Tofu. I have tried it and am NOT a fan. Do you like it? If so how do you prepare/like it?



    Re: Do you like Tofu?


    Not so much. I know if you cook it well tofu absorbs flavor. It is the texture and I am allergic to soy. As a vegetarian I have to eat things such as pea protien based products.

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    Re: Do you like Tofu?

    Hi Becky my fellow teacher,
    I use to not like tofu either but then I went and lived in China for a year. They can do insane things with tofu and you can have it sooo many different ways and there are different kinds of tofu as well. Now I really enjoy tofu but only cooked. I can’t eat it if it isn’t hot. It’s too slimy and gross. I also recommend trying a firmer tofu, pan frying it at first and add some seasoning. Tossing it in with a stir fry with other veggies and soy sauce is really good too.

    Julia being vegetarian and being allergic to soy must be hard. I feel like they use a lot of soy products in vegetarian cuisine.


    Re: Do you like Tofu?

    Hey Becky,
    I love tofu especially in Thai dishes! It tends to take on the flavor of what you are cooking. I am not quite sure why I love the texture of it but I think it's absolutely delicious! Plus, there are so many health benefits to it!

    Side note: I don't cook it on my own...that would be a disaster and I would likely end up not liking it after that point lol


    Re: Do you like Tofu?

    Hey Hey!

    I don’t mind tofu but I have not found a recipe with it that I really like yet. The ones I’ve tried are pretty bland thus far.