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    What excites you right now?

    created by jtk5857 31 days 16 hours 14 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What excites you right now?

    Good morning, CNetters!

    What excites you right now? It can be your worklife, personal life, etc.

    What excites me right now is two things. One, my younger brother is coming to visit me this weekend and spend the night on my college campus. I am looking forward to showing him around and spending time with him. He's been counting down the days. Secondly, I am also personally counting down the days until I can come home for Thanksgiving! I can't believe it is next week already! My family will be volunteering through the work of St. Augustine's Hunger Center along with our friends and then we'll have dinner together. From there I am hoping to see some of my old high school friends too!

    Have a tremendous Tuesday!


    Re: What excites you right now?

    Hey Jon,

    It sounds like you have some really exciting things coming up! I love that you and your family/friends volunteer on Thanksgiving, before having your own dinner. I have never done something like that, but think it would be a wonderful tradition to start. Thank you mentioning that, and reminding me that there are so many ways to give back to those less fortunate than I.

    As for what's exciting in my life right now...I think the most exciting thing is that my daughter amazes me every day with the new things she's learning to do, and say. It's like her growth is just exploding all of a sudden and it's remarkable as a parent to watch.

    The other exciting thing is that yesterday I interviewed for another position at work. It will be a few weeks until I hear if I got it or not, but I am very hopeful. It would be a great opportunity for me, both for professional growth, and financially for my family. Fingers crossed I get good news for the holidays!

    Enjoy your time with your brother when he visits, I'm sure it'll be a great experience for you both!


    Re: What excites you right now?

    Hey Jon,

    I always remember the holidays and seeing siblings as a highlight when I was in school.

    I'm excited that I hit my 100th ride on my peloton cycling bike last night. I got a "shout out" from my favorite instructor and I was so proud of myself for sticking to something that has been both challenging and motivating. Can't wait for my 200th ride now!


    Re: What excites you right now?

    Hey Jon,

    What excites me right now is that tonight I head to my high school fall sports banquet. I was very surprised to learn I received an All Conference Award this season. There are are really, really good golfers I competed against. I’ve only begun to learn the game about 2.5 years ago. This has me motivated for my offseason work! Also I’m excited to be able to join my school’s ski club!

    Have a great day!


    Re: What excites you right now?

    Good afternoon, Jon,

    That's so nice! I hope you have a good time with your brother! I'm probably going to be missing my siblings so much when I go to college.

    Currently, I'm excited by the likelihood I will be able to film a movie with my friends next week, during Thanksgiving break. We're reading "The Crucible" in English class, and as we were reading it as a class today, I was dreaming up all these original characters and themes that could go into a modern spin-off of the story. Once the production is done, I could upload it to my YouTube channel and possibly show it in class. I'm sure it'd be entertaining.

    Here's what I have as far as ideas go:

    Dante Schwartz, a math genius who escaped the mafia, moves to Bloomfield where the word soon gets out about his reputation as a former mafia boss. Dante is distraught because he moved to get away from his past life, not watch it unfurl again before his eyes.

    People in the town start to accuse his sons, Bennett and Antonio, of certain crimes that have been taking place in their area.

    That's all I have so far, but it's looking pretty interesting!

    Thanks for the forum!
    Have a wonderful day. :)

    Re: What excites you right now?

    Aloha Jon,

    Oooooo fun forum! I am excited today especially because I have a date tonight! I have been messaging with this guy for like about a week and I really like the way he comes off through his messages so I am excited to finally meet him and have dinner with him. Overall, I am just excited about today! Today will be a great day as I will only be at my desk this morning and get to go to town for a meeting in the afternoon which I am excited about. Then I am going to one of my favorite friend's presentation which I am also excited about and I have a present for her which I am thrilled to give her as well. So everything about today is exciting. Also, the dress I'm wearing to work and the one I will wear to dinner tonight are also exciting to me. Hehehe sometimes it's the little things.

    I am also excited about this week being a short week as I was off on Monday and had a truly lovely and fun day!The week will go by quickly and then it will be the weekend again and hopefully I'll have at least one date to look forward to! This month is also exciting because I get to go to my good friend's house for Thanksgiving. I am excited for a delicious meal and also excited to make my dish and share it with everyone!

    And I'm also excited because I am preparing for my trip to Taiwan and Thailand. I get to see my mom finally after a whole year so that is exciting as well! I got my mom and dad Christmas presents yesterday so I am also excited to give them those as well. I find it crazy that the year is so close to being over so quickly but I am also excited for another new year which will no doubt bring wonderful things to my life!

    Thanks for the forum!

    - Wanderer

    Re: What excites you right now?

    Hey Jon!

    I am looking forward to Thanksgiving break and spending time with family and friends!

    Have a great weekend with your brother!