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    Payment For Chores

    created by RaeannaC91 12 days 5 hours 4 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Payment For Chores

    Hey C-net,

    Someone I know pays her step-daughter $25 a week to do chores and this includes the household's laundry. She says she won't be like this with her own kids but her mother was already paying her when she is with her so she didn't want to go against what she was used to.

    I have a son and he is only 3 but still has age-appropriate chores. We do reward him occasionally for doing good with chores as well as having no accidents or learning something new but overall we just like to treat him and it's not so much "payment" in my eyes. As he gets older we will make sure he has what he needs and would consider keeping things clean and grades up as to if we continue rewarding him. But I just never want him to get like the girl I know step-daughter who will refuse to do something if she's not getting paid for it or will say things "I don't need the money this week anyways".

    So while I'm not against rewarding your children/teens, I just don't think you should pay them for chores outright since they should be doing that anyways. I was raised everyone contributes to the household in some way.

    What is your opinion on children/teens getting paid to do chores? Are you for or against it and why? If you have kids do you give them money for chores or do you plan to if they're still young?

    Hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading!


    Re: Payment For Chores

    Hello Raeanna,

    I don't really like the whole idea. I mean I get the purpose behind it, motivating your child to help out with the chores and it probably works for a lot of people, but I believe we should teach kids to expect to do these things without rewards, simply because they are part of the family and they live in the same house and are using the same things as everyone else. This technique sure won't come in handy when the kid is off to college expecting to get paid to clean his/her room! Plus shouldn't we try to enforce the seeds of giving without receiving to people we love. Doing regular chores should be our way of saying thank you to our family and money should not be involved in my opinion.

    Great Topic Raeanna!


    Re: Payment For Chores

    Hi Raeanna!

    When we were little, we had a chart that listed our chores for each day. We were just expected to do them. As we got older, my parents felt that we should be able to earn spending money for doing additional chores. We still had things that we were expected to do like cleaning our rooms and doing our own laundry. We were also expected to help with chores in the main part of the house. Those were the ones we got paid to do. My siblings and I were not big spenders so it really wasn't an issue. The money was a nice reward but it really wasn't a factor in whether we did our chores or not. My parents used it to teach us to plan ahead a budget for things we wanted. We were also expected to put a percentage of it in our savings each week. They used it as more of a way to teach us about money rather than as a bribe to do chores.

    I think it is ok to pay kids for chores if it is a learning experience and not a bribe. They should also be taught that there are things that need to be done when you are part of a family and everyone needs to contribute!

    Great post!

    Have a great day!


    Re: Payment For Chores

    My mom paid me for chores for a while but it didn’t last long. However, we did have an allowance I got each week or something like that

    When I have kids I don’t really want to pay them for tasks they are required to do. They need to learn a sense of responsibility and understand they are a part of the family and that means they have to contribute.


    Re: Payment For Chores

    Hey Raeanna!

    My childhood experience was very similar to Katelyn. We had a base of a few chores that were required as part of the family, then we could earn extra money for doing extra chores. Those chores were not required, but if we didn't do them, we didn't get money. I kinda like that plan for teaching about work and money and learning about budgeting and all so I will probably do that with my future children.

    Thanks for the forum, and have a good one!


    Re: Payment For Chores


    I can only speak from experience growing up, but I think it can go both ways. My parents gave us an allowance but it varied from time to time. My parents changed the system quite often, because they wanted to figure out what worked best, but I did learn from it. When we were growing up, we were expected to work, and I don't really notice our allowance being tied to chores. What our allowance taught us, was how to budget. There was a certain amount of our allowance that we had to put into savings, some we could spend, others went into donations, or a "slush fund" which we could spend on anything. I like the way my parents did it, because we were still learning how to work, but we also taught good budgeting skills. This system wouldn't necessarily be for a young child, but may older children and teens.

    Have a great night!