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    Bring lunch or buy lunch?

    created by slynch8686 12 days 10 hours 19 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Bring lunch or buy lunch?

    Hey Hey!

    Back to the workforce today! As I post I have my breakfast in front of me and a 730 start time for work, so I am prepping for my day. In doing so I am packing my lunch and it got me wondering about all of you on CNET and I thought I would ask, do you bring lunch for your day or usually buy lunch? Have a great one everyone!

    Re: Bring lunch or buy lunch?

    I typically try and bring my lunch because it can get pretty expensive buying buuuttt the chef that works in my building makes some serious tacos. His salsa verde tastes like heaven on earth. There's no way I can pass up Taco Thursday.


    Re: Bring lunch or buy lunch?

    Hey there,

    I do pack a lunch every day for work. My husband and I put our lunches together the night before, so we aren't rushing to do it in the morning. Although I sometimes would prefer to go out and grab something to eat, it's so much more cost effective to bring lunch. Well, and I only have a 30 minute lunch and it would mean that I'm rushing to get something and then rushing to eat it. I rather take my time enjoying my lunch break!

    Best of luck at the new job today!


    Re: Bring lunch or buy lunch?

    I pack my lunch, I only get 30min from lunch and there is no way I am eating the school lunch. They definitely don’t look very appetizing to me. I also don’t have enough time to grab lunch from anywhere else.

    Re: Bring lunch or buy lunch?

    I bring my lunch almost everyday. I work near a lot of yummy restaurants so it's easy to spend a lot of money lol Sometimes on payday I'll treat myself to lunch out.

    Re: Bring lunch or buy lunch?

    Aloha Slynch,

    The age old question bring or buy lunch? lol. I do a mix of both. Lately since I have not been cooking I have been buying lunch. I get to eat lots of delicious things for lunch this way but it can get expensive so I try to balance it out by bringing lunch when I have leftovers or make something good to bring. I think I eat healthier when I bring lunch as I will intentionally pack fruits and veggies but eating out you get a main dish and that's it really and often it lacks in nutrient packed vegetables and fruits. Today I will be buying lunch again as I have done all week. The thing about buying lunch you have to take some time to decide what you feel like eating. I work in a town that has really good food choices all in walking distance which is great!

    Thanks for the forum!

    - Wanderer

    Re: Bring lunch or buy lunch?

    Bring it to save money and control what/how much I eat. I think its far more healthy to bring your own lunch. If you buy the portion is probably much larger then you would prepare and you don't know what is added in in terms of sugar, fat, sodium, etc.

    Re: Bring lunch or buy lunch?

    Hey Slynch,

    I actually prefer to pack my lunch. The lunches at my school don’t fill me up and to be honest aren’t very good. I save money by packing plus I can’t complain about what’s in it or that I’m not full ha ha.

    Have a great day!


    Re: Bring lunch or buy lunch?

    Good Evening,

    I definitely bring a lunch as much as I can. I rarely eat out mostly because it costs money. Another reason I prefer to bring a lunch is because I know it's healthier for me.

    Have a great night!