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    Another mass shooting

    created by jwade13 12 days 11 hours 13 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Another mass shooting

    There was another mass shooting. This time in a California Bar.

    Do you think that mental illness, gun control, and violence need to be a leading discussion in our society? Or has it kind of become the norm?

    I feel like you hear about school shooting's weekly now. I remember when the first one happened at Columbine and it was such a shock to our country and now it's just "normal"


    Re: Another mass shooting

    Hey Jess,

    It truly is a tragedy how commonplace mass shootings have become in our country. I remember I saw a post when the Nike controversy was happening that people made a bigger deal about that than the most recent shooting (at that time).

    I think we certainly need more education and awareness on mental health and gun violence. In some ways, there is more mental health awareness spreading. I think that there still needs to be more education though.

    However, it is hard to say what can be done about gun control because if you tell people they can't have guns, they will say you're taking away their rights. What worked for Australia was to ban guns after a mass shooting. Gun culture here is an entirely different type of problem.

    Another issue is that the media plasters the names and faces of shooters all over the news. Like-minded individual get the idea they can do the same for notoriety. I think the approach I've seen that works better is to blur the shooter's face, don't mention the name, and just state the facts about the case and focus on the victims.

    Important topic,

    - dymphie

    Re: Another mass shooting

    Hey Jess,
    It's horrific. I am so tired of hearing about this in the news. I am so tired of senseless violence. It also constantly scares me about my family's situation. My husband is in law enforcement and the officer who responded to the shooting within 3 minutes of the call ended up losing his life trying to protect others. He was a year away from retiring and was a husband and a father. That hits way too close to home. I constantly stress about that and how I would manage my life without my husband. I hate having those thoughts but with how many shootings there constantly are, it's hard not to.

    I pray for all of the victims and their families. Enough is enough. Something has got to change, seriously!


    Re: Another mass shooting

    Hi Jess,
    First Jess congrats on your win. I think it’s the best feeling when you win by surprise thinking your not going to and then you end up sneaking into that last spot.

    As for your forum I think all the reasons you have mentioned are a problem but it is all because Americans value their guns more then other peoples lives. We don’t think something bad like a mass shooting will happen to us or those we know it always happens else where and we need our guns for protection, for fun, and for hunting. Why should I give up my gun if I am not the problem.

    We are too focused on I and not we as a society.

    Yes their is a problem with people with mental health issues getting guns. But people don’t want to do more gun control such as background checks. Mental health is a big issue all together that needs to be addressed in this country but I think requiring background checks in all states would help reduce gun crimes.

    No change is going to happen if we don’t stop thinking just about ourselves and wants and starting thinking about what would help our society the most.


    Re: Another mass shooting

    Hey Jess

    Thank you for your kind words on my forum and for wanting to vote for me today!!!

    It is so strange to log on and see "you have received zero votes" I was so sad and then remembered no one can vote for me now...LOL!!

    It has been really great getting to know you as well.

    Hang in there I'm sure you will be graduating also.

    Thanks for the forum and have a good one!!


    Re: Another mass shooting

    Hey Jess,

    Sorry somehow I hit submit before I had a chance to actually answer your question...sorry!!

    I had heard bits and pieces about the incident but did not know all the details until I got home. It is so sad that this has become so common in the news these days.

    I remember Columbine as well and it was truly unimaginable.

    I hope and pray that we figure out what needs to happen to prevent these incidents from happening.


    Re: Another mass shooting


    My prayer goes out to all of the victims' families. I pray that the ones who are recovering from this tragedy a speedy recovery. I just don't understand why people are resorting to taking other peoples lives. This to me is a sign that there are some devilish people in this world. For those of us who pray, continue to pray for the world and the people in it. We have to keep the faith. Faith has been fading in America for a while now. We must get it back.

    When I see the news now, I just start praying. I find myself just praying during the day. For all people around the world.

    As far as gun control goes, too many people believe they are protecting their homes. But it people are taking these same guns and killing innocent people.

    People with mental illness get overlooked far too much today. People tell the doctors what's going on in their heads and the doctor gives them pain pills. Some doctors are now in it for the money.

    Violence only happens because people don't feel they have anything to do. The ones who have a criminal record need second chances at having a job. The ones who think they are too good to work in a fast food restaurant. A job is a job. Sometimes you have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top.


    Re: Another mass shooting

    Hey Hey!

    I don't know. I think discussing all possibly relevant factors need to be on the table. I can't stand that people from different groups always jump up and say "don't blame us!" when no one is! From gun owners to people with mental illness, you are not being blamed! The issue is the outliers that may possibly have an overlap in your area but not your area as a whole. We're trying to find a solution to save some lives here so stop thinking about yourselves and contribute something useful.