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    Home For the Holidays ,,, Where's Home?

    created by Auntiec 12 days 16 hours 11 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Home For the Holidays ,,, Where's Home?

    Hi CNet!

    When you hear the phrase "Home for the Holidays", what comes to mind? Where do you consider home and is it the place where you will be going to celebrate the upcoming holidays? Is it an actual place or is it an emotional destination; as in it is more tied to people or feelings and the actual place is irrelevant?

    This is a bit odd for me as I am married and have my own home. I love my home and where I live. I am quite comfortable spending holidays here; just me and my husband! But, I also still consider my parents' home to be my home too and it's not even my original childhood home. Maybe for me, "Home for the Holidays" is more of an emotional destination. I guess it is anywhere that my immediate family members gather. That would include my house or that of my parents or sister!

    What does "Home for the Holidays" mean to you?


    Re: Home For the Holidays ,,, Where's Home?

    Good morning AuntieC,

    This a great forum and thought-provoking question. In my thought processing, for the younger folks, I feel home is a physical location especially for those away in college or who have moved out of their local towns. As we grow older in experience and maturation and establish our own home, "home for the holidays" then become an emotional location whereby we can visit our experiences of the past and relish in the emotions that come with it.

    Have a great day and thank you for the forum

    Re: Home For the Holidays ,,, Where's Home?

    Hey Christi,

    Even though I have my own house, I still consider "home for the holidays" is at my parents house. They only live about 4 miles away, so I'm super close, but I go there for every holiday and I'll even sleep over on Christmas Eve to Christmas because it seems weird to wake up on my own in my own house alone on Christmas.


    Re: Home For the Holidays ,,, Where's Home?

    Good morning, Christi,

    For me personally "home for holidays" means leaving my college dorm and heading back home to where I was born and raised. My parents home. I am excited this year because I am finally getting my bedroom painted! I was allowed to pick out the color and for a bit of time I won't be staring at the white block prison looking walls! ha ha. It will be so nice to be in the comfort of my own bed and home with my family. Each Christmas our family changes the location who hosts. This year it's also at my parents house. I am looking forward to my winter break and being home for the holidays there too. Next year it'll be elsewhere, but yet still at one of my aunt's and uncle's house, and to me that is also home! We have a very close family, both immediate and extended.

    Thanks for the forum! I am literally counting down the days until I can "come home for the holidays!"


    Re: Home For the Holidays ,,, Where's Home?

    Hey Christi!

    Love this post and reading the answers.

    I have a home with my husband too, but it is certainly more of a home when we have family and friends over. Holidays, depending on if my aunt is in town, are either at her house or mine.

    My family celebrates by making a lot of great food and enjoying it together. We also play games or watch a movie. On Christmas, we exchange presents.

    When my sister and I were younger, we would have Christmas at my parents house and my aunts house. As we got older, my aunt became a grandmother, and everyone was working more and traveling, we usually only do one family celebration.

    I now also celebrate with my in-laws, so coordinating holidays can be interesting, like lunch one place and dinner at another.

    My immediate family all live in TN, so we are able to see each other pretty easily.

    Last Christmas my husband and I were on our honeymoon, so we were in Japan. I missed home, but it was a great experience. I do prefer to celebrate with family though.

    Great topic!

    Have a great day!

    - dymphie