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    I won! (Help!!)

    created by Chloe Tremmel 11 days 6 hours 44 minutes ago

    Category: World

    I won! (Help!!)

    Hey, CNet. Thank you so much for your votes! My parents were so happy when I told them I won a scholarship.

    However, I’m a bit lost as to how to claim it. I made an applynet account, read all the FAQs, information, forms, but it implies that i need to be enrolled in college and send the information to its financial office.

    I’m still in high school. I’m not sure what to do to claim my scholarship.

    Are any of you still in high school? If so, how does the process work?

    Thank you for your votes and for your time. :)
    Have a wonderful day!

    Re: I won! (Help!!)

    Hi Chloe,

    Congrats! Yay for you! You will be sent an email with a code on it at the end of the quarter (January 2019). Click on the link to do the acknowledgement which has to be done by the end of January. Then you have up to a year to request disbursement.

    I started as a high school senior, so I was able to get my winnings to my college within the year, but I am not sure how it works with juniors.

    Contact Sarah Kelleher who is the scholarship coordinator at Cnet. She has been very helpful to me with my questions. Her email address is:

    I hope this helps, and again, Congratulations!

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: I won! (Help!!)

    Hey there,

    Don't worry! when the quarter ends they send you an email showing you your total winnings and they send you links to fill out your W-9 and they tell you what you have to submit to get the money. You get it in bulk, so it will be in January if you won in this quarter. Also, if you have questions...their contacts at CNet are amazing at helping you with anything!


    Re: I won! (Help!!)

    Hi Chloe,

    Congrats on your win!!!!

    Have you enrolled in a college? CNET will only disperse funds directly to your school. You have to have an account set up with your school for them to deposit funds in to go towards your tuition. The funds are good for 1 year so hopefully you can still find a way to use them. Good Luck and please let us know what you find out so others can know what to do!

    Re: I won! (Help!!)

    Hey Chloe,

    Congrats on winning! As others have mentioned you will receive an email at the end of quarter explaining it all. I was wondering the same when I first won but the process wasn't too hard.

    You could probably email them and see what they say but according to the rules that I read you need to plan to attend college within one year of winning if you are not currently in college or have a eligible loan. Hopefully you can figure something out!

    Congrats again and have a great day!