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    Do you watch the leaderboard with anticipation?

    created by dgriffay 12 days 15 hours 52 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Do you watch the leaderboard with anticipation?

    Hi CNetters,
    Congratulations to all the winners this week and special congrats to sunset runner for her first win.

    My question for you all is on Wednesday morning do your keep an eye on the leaderboard to see who is going to win?

    This past Election I knew I was going to win. I wasn’t even on the leaderboard. Even though I knew that I still kept finding myself sneaking peaks at work. I wanted to see where everyone ended up and who was going to nap that coveted last spot. It’s like my Wednesday soap opera.

    So am I the only one win or lose that keeps watch on the leaderboard? How often do you check it on Wednesday?


    Re: Do you watch the leaderboard with anticipation?

    Hi Daniella,

    Yes, most of the time I do watch. I like to see if I win or if those that I voted for win. It's just kinda fun. I am also really glad that we get to do this every week, and that we pretty much know who will win and who won't (except for those on the bubble).

    I usually check it starting about 2PM EST, and then check a couple more times until it's over (6PM EST). I check more often if I am on the bubble.

    Thanks for the forum, and have a good one!


    Re: Do you watch the leaderboard with anticipation?

    Good morning, Daniella,

    I find it so endearing that you recognize me as Sunset Runner. :)

    Thank you for all your support!

    I check the leaderboard every chance I get, in school, at home, and whenever I’m out somewhere and have to wait awkwardly on my phone for something interesting to happen. However, I never check when I’m at work. I log on and check as soon as I get home though!

    I usually just check out of sheer boredom. I’ll be finished with an assignment and decide to take a break by doing other things, like reading everyone’s responses on CNet.

    Whenever the end of an election is imminent, I check the leaderboard frequently and with anticipation. Even though I know I might not win, I still like to congratulate those who won.

    Congratulations to you on winning a scholarship in this election! I wish you good luck in this current one! :)

    Thanks for the forum!
    Have a wonderful day. :)


    Re: Do you watch the leaderboard with anticipation?

    Hey there,

    I watch it all the time haha! It's like a high suspense movie at times, especially if you're in one of the last 2 slots, which is very nerve wracking!

    I think it's exciting, but it an also be very stressful. I didn't think I was going to pull it out yesterday because I was in 13th place at 4 pm and when I got home around 7 pm and checked my email, I was like omg! I won! Totally shocked!


    Re: Do you watch the leaderboard with anticipation?

    Back in the day I did, now I just like seeing who's at the edge and scoping out their posts to see if they're doing any extra effort to try and jump up. So late in the it's hard to move from 15th to 13th or something and take a win. I had times in the past where I was 1 position down, got a vote...and dropped another position. I mean what? That leaderboard is cruel.

    I wish I could say just never look at it, play your best game, and see what happens, but it's right there, so tempting, and humans inherently love to place a metric on just about anything so it's always "how am I doing!?". I think someone should change their username to 'PardonMe' so we can all laugh as they move up and down the rankings.