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    I graduated!!!

    created by bluedolphin 12 days 22 hours 28 minutes ago

    Category: World

    I graduated!!!

    Hey everyone,

    After today's election I have officially graduated from CNET.

    I can hardly believe it. Thank you to everyone who supported me on this site!!

    I know a lot of people have posted forums about how to win and just want to reiterate that it does take patience time and consistency.

    I have been on the site just short of a year and have posted every day and voted including 2 times on Wednesdays.

    I have been around long enough to see others who have graduated; NjBr. Cloudabu42, Mistervancleef just to name a few and I know others are really close to graduating as well.

    I have truly enjoyed being part of this community and hope to stop in occasionally to post and vote as I would like to continue to support everyone who has supported me.

    Thanks again and stick with it!!


    Re: I graduated!!!

    Hey Kathy!

    Congratulations on graduating! It takes a lot of effort to maintain regular posting and voting, let alone winning and being able to graduate.

    I'm so happy for you! Good for you for sticking with it until graduation.

    I have the goal of graduating on here as well.

    I enjoyed your posts and replies!

    Hope to see you post sometime in the future!

    - dymphie

    Re: I graduated!!!

    Congratulations Kathy!

    Your dedication and effort are truly commendable!

    I enjoyed getting to know you through your posts and interacting with you during my time on CNet! Thanks for all your comments and participation!

    Best wishes to you!

    :) Christi

    Re: I graduated!!!

    Hey Kathy.

    I know you were here when I first started. You were always on the top list. I hoped to be like you and the others. I defenitly enjoyed your topics and comments. I am inspired knowing that with hard work it's all possible. It was awesome to have met you virtually. I know this scholarship has done great for you. I wish you the best of luck!

    Stay Awesome


    Re: I graduated!!!

    Hey Kathy!

    I'm so glad to have interacted with you over the course of this year. You'll definitely be missed! I always loved seeing your responses to my posts and your forums as well.

    Miss you already!

    - Anna

    Re: I graduated!!!

    Congratulations Kathy! That is a big accomplishment, I hope to be you haha. I hope that even though you have now graduated that you will stop by for a visit and comment for us. I enjoy reading your posts. Congrats again and we are having a virtual party for you!!

    Re: I graduated!!!

    Wow, congrats Kathy! What a great accomplishment!

    I will miss your posts. I do hope you stop by sometimes to vote and post some more. It'll be great hearing from you.

    Thanks for all you are.

    Have a wonderful rest of your life.


    Re: I graduated!!!

    Good morning, Kathy,


    Thank you for your time and for your intelligent, thoughtful posts. When I first saw a post of yours when I joined CNet, I remember thinking “wow, this person is really smart.” You’re a high achiever, and we all know it. We’ll all miss you.
    Your patience and consistency surely did come in handy, but your talent really catalyzed your success on this site.

    Thank you for your patience, consistency, and insight.
    I wish you the best!

    Have a wonderful day. :)


    Re: I graduated!!!


    I actually went to vote for you today and it wouldn't allow me to so that totally makes sense now! lol


    Re: I graduated!!!

    Hey Kathy,
    That's awesome!! Congratulations!! I have really enjoyed getting to know you throughout this year! I really value all of the kindness you have provided me and I will miss seeing you on here! I wish you the absolute best throughout your career!!!


    Re: I graduated!!!

    Hey Hey!


    Re: I graduated!!!


    Re: I graduated!!!



    I know how hard you have worked over the year, since we have been on CollegeNet together. I hope you visit us from time to time! I am 2 weeks away from graduating, so keep me in your thoughts and prayers!

    Thank you for being apart of the community. I love how you mentioned the others, as I remember them as well. Good luck on all your adventures and your life.


    Song <3

    Re: I graduated!!!


    Congratulations! That’s awesome and I’m so happy for you! It’s inspiring to know that consistent work pays off!

    I wish you all the best!


    Re: I graduated!!!


    Yayyy!! So happy for you!

    Have an awesome day!

    Re: I graduated!!!

    Hey Kathy,

    Congrats! I actually saw you post this last night when I did my posts but I had already maxed for the day. I have always enjoyed your posts and hope to see you continue to post more even though you have graduated.

    I know I'm sticking it out until I graduate from him but I do have a long way to go. I have only won once and I'm still waiting for it to apply to my loan although I think it's only going to the touch the interest for now but if I win again, since my interest isn't too high, it should st art touching the actual loan.

    Hope you have a good day,


    Re: I graduated!!!

    Hi Kathy!

    CONGRATULATIONS! That is a great accomplishment. I have only been on here a short time with you but have appreciated and enjoyed your posts!

    Best wishes for the future!


    Re: I graduated!!!

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you SO much for the "congratulatory posts". They are greatly appreciated!!!

    I really do hope to stay around to post and vote so that I can help others achieve their goal of graduating.

    My plan this week is to vote everyday and try to get at least 2-3 posts in if not 5.

    Wishing everyone good luck!!!


    Re: I graduated!!!

    Hi congratulations!! I started last week and try so hard to keep up with it. Unfortunately I forgot to post/vote on Sunday and bumped me 2nd on the Rookie board and I couldn't get back up to 1st.. any suggestions for how you remember to post every day? Think I'm going to start setting an alarm.

    Re: I graduated!!!

    Aloha Kathy,

    Wow, you must be feeling so accomplished!Congratulations!! I hope to one day say I have graduated from CNET. It really is an accomplishment that requires a lot of persistence and dedication.

    Good luck in everything you do and hope to see/hear from you!