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    Identical twins dress alike?

    created by iKasey 28 days 7 hours 56 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Identical twins dress alike?

    Hi Cnet!

    Just a quick, easy one today as I recover from my weekend. ZZZZZ.............

    Should identical twins dress alike?

    I don't usually care how anyone dresses, and I think it is really cute for them to dress alike when they are little. However, when they are older, like upper teens and older, I wonder if their motive is to deceive someone, and then it is no longer cute to me. Plus I think everyone (even twins) have unique identities that maybe gets hidden sometimes when you look identical to someone. Not to mentioned that I walk around confused enough without seeing double, haha!! :)

    What do you think?

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Identical twins dress alike?

    Good morning, Kasey.

    My mom is an identical twin. She and her sister used to dress alike as kids, but when they got older-middle school and up, they did not dress alike. And, trust me, they looked so much alike even wearing different clothes everyone got them mixed up in high school. They learned to just say "hi" no matter which name they were called. lol. My mom's math teacher now has a son who teaches at the same high school (I attended the same HS as my parents). At a parent teacher conference my mom told him about how his father could never tell her and her sister apart and explained how they'd purposefully mess with him because of it. He laughed.

    Have a great Monday!


    P.S. Tell you Mom that she has helped you come up with some really good forums!

    Re: Identical twins dress alike?

    Hey Kasey,
    I am totally that mom that dresses my daughters exactly alike lol I think they are okay with it now because often they want exactly what the other one wants but i'm sure I only have a few short years of being able to do this left. They are 20 months apart but people often talk about how much they look alike. I actually had a guy say to me "oh wow, they are twins!" lol well yes they look a like but one is clearly older than the other so not sure how that would physically work out... lol

    And I wanted to say that I in no way shape or form meant for my comment on a post yesterday to be offensive to you. I am glad you and your brother are here too! My comment was directed against women who chose to have children by simply selecting a sperm donor and not having any type of connection to the man whatsoever and in those cases may be better suited to actually adopt children who are really in need. I think there is significant difference in couples who struggle with infertility and are able to rely on medicine for help.


    Re: Identical twins dress alike?

    Hey Kasey!

    I have triplet uncles and the pictures my mom and grandma showed my when they were younger they were always dressed alike or had at least the same kind of shirt but in different colors so you could tell them apart. My grandma said it was to help her identify who was who. She said once they got to middle school she started to let them decide what they wanted to dress like and if they wanted to wear different things so be it, they needed to start developing they're own identity and personality, so they did start dressing different and sometimes they dressed alike to fool people. So to each his own!!!

    Have a great day!