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    Best pudding flavor?

    created by slynch8686 30 days 9 hours 19 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Best pudding flavor?

    Hey Hey!

    Here is a nice lazy Sunday forum topic, what do you think is the best flavor of pudding? My vote is for Banana! It is my absolute favorite. How about you?

    Re: Best pudding flavor?

    Hey Slynch8686,

    I'm all for the food posts!

    I love banana pudding too, but it has to be with all the fixings like vanilla wafers, sliced bananas, and whipped cream. Sounds so healthy, right? It is definitely a guilty pleasure. Living in the south, it's not too hard to find, especially in an Americana/Southern restaurant.

    Other than that, I love chocolate pudding.

    Fun topic!

    Have a great day!

    - dymphie

    Re: Best pudding flavor?

    Hey Steve,

    Chocolate, of course! I haven't had pudding in a long time. I wonder if they will have it as an offering today at school..... I may have to have some now.

    Thanks for the yummy topic, and have a good one!


    Re: Best pudding flavor?

    Hey Right Back at Ya,

    I'm with Dymphie, I like pudding best when it is in the form of a pie!:) Banana cream works for me as does coconut pudding nestled between a crust and some merengue! Yum!!!

    If it's plain and in a dish, chocolate and butter scotch are tasty!

    Now I'm thinking about the little snack pack pudding cups that I'd take in my lunch to school. Did anybody else eat those?


    Re: Best pudding flavor?


    What a great Sunday topic! I also enjoy banana pudding, but I would have to say I enjoy chocolate a lot more.

    Christi, I also ate those snack packs in school and talking about this makes me want to go to the store to get some.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Best pudding flavor?


    Happy Sunday :)

    As a foodie, A forum about food gets me so excited.

    Ugh, this is hard but my favorite would be Vanilla pudding followed by Banana and chocolate.

    I haven't had pudding in a while but now, I definitely should try having some soon.

    Fun Fact: When I was younger, I used to think that pudding was a baby food :)

    Thanks for the forum and have a great day!


    Re: Best pudding flavor?


    I don't eat pudding very often, but I would definitely go with chocolate!

    Great post and have an awesome Sunday!


    Re: Best pudding flavor?

    Hey slynch8686,

    Usually if I get pudding, I like to get pistachio pudding. I like to get the box and make it. However for premade, I usually go with vanilla. Now if someone brings in some homemade banana pudding, I am not turning it down. For me though I don't put banana pudding in the same category as pistachio pudding.


    Re: Best pudding flavor?

    Hi Steve!

    My favorite pudding is by far butterscotch. I haven’t had it forever, but growing up it was a staple in my diet. I would get snack pack brand butterscotch cups on a weekly basis and bring them to school almost every day.

    I don’t mind the other flavors such as vanilla and chocolate, but if bscotch was in the room I’d choose him everything over the other flavors.

    Thanks for the prompt!


    Re: Best pudding flavor?

    Best pudding flavor is no pudding! This sits on the same level with me that if I were starving and my only choices to eat were pudding or ants, I would really struggle on what my choice would be.


    Re: Best pudding flavor?

    I’m stuck between Banana and Chocolate

    Re: Best pudding flavor?


    It largely depends on what kind of pudding one refers to. For example, bread pudding is different from the pudding that's sold in six packs at Shoprite.
    My favorite flavor of bread pudding is apple.
    My favorite flavor of regular pudding is banana, too. It's so good, particularly with vanilla wafers and whipped cream.
    Chocolate pudding is good as well, but I already consume enough chocolate on a regular basis. Haha.

    Thanks for the forum.
    Have a great day! :)

    Re: Best pudding flavor?


    I would say that my favorite kind of pudding would be banana pudding. It has Nilla Wafers in it and has that texture that makes it not so boring.

    Re: Best pudding flavor?

    Hi Everyone

    The kind of pudding that I lik is the banana pudding favor cause it makes me think of a banana pudding.

    Re: Best pudding flavor?


    Great topic, it is definitely tapioca for me.