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    Current Favorite TV Show?

    created by MorganP06 30 days 15 hours 13 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Current Favorite TV Show?

    Good morning, CNET!

    What is your current favorite TV show? What channel is it on and why is it your favorite?

    We cancelled our SlingTV subscription this summer because we were busy with camping and just trying to be outdoors as much as possible. Now that it’s getting colder, we are firing that baby back up!

    I used to love watching any home improvement show on HGTV and Married at First Sight.

    I am looking forward to learning about some new shows!


    Re: Current Favorite TV Show?

    Good morning, Morgan,

    Hey I probably won’t be too much help here but here goes!

    I am an admitted ESPN junkie.

    I also like to decompress -time permitted- by watching very stupid and mindless shows like Chrisley Knows Best and The Bachelorette.

    I also like The Voice and Dancing with the Stars and even HGTV shows. They have a lot of good ones like Beacfront Properties and currently the Halloween Wars. Hells Kitchen is pretty good too!

    Have a sensational Sunday!


    Re: Current Favorite TV Show?

    Hi Morgan,

    HGTV is an awesome show! My current favorite show Modern Family. I love the show for many seasons and the acting and humor are always fantastic. The show is still on point and I love watching change and grow.

    I did not watch much TV, so the new shows that I watch unlimited. I am a huge fan of White Collar and Downton Abbey. Both of the shows have fantastic acting, great cinematography, incredible character development, and exciting story arcs.




    Re: Current Favorite TV Show?

    Hi Morgan,

    I don't get much of a chance to watch TV, but when I do, it's usually Netflix. I do like the Food Network, HGTV, and any sports channel. I try to watch Dancing with the Stars, and there is a new show my mom always watches called Manifest that I would like to try to catch sometime.

    I have never had Sling, although I do have Hulu so I can watch some old shows that I used to watch.

    Thanks for the topic, and have a great day. Happy watching, whatever you land on!


    Re: Current Favorite TV Show?

    Hi Morgan,

    I'm A Disney Nerd, so all of my favorite shows would comes from Disney Channel lol :)

    My favorite TV show is "Kickin it" because I love how funny it is, the lessons that it teaches you and I get to see some really nice Karate moves from the characters.

    I also enjoy watching Bunked, Liv and Maddie, and Sofia the first.

    Thanks for the forum and have a great day!


    Re: Current Favorite TV Show?

    Aloha Morgan,

    I don’t have a tv but I do watch a few shows on Netflix. My current favorite is the great British bake show. I love to bake and watching what these bakers can create is just amazing!

    Mahalo for the post,

    Re: Current Favorite TV Show?

    Hey Morgan!
    This show isn't airing currently, but I love watching the office on Netflix! Whenever I have a rough day I always know I can come home and just watch the office and relax. It never fails to make me laugh or smile!

    I definitely recommend this show if you are looking for something lighthearted and comical!

    Re: Current Favorite TV Show?

    Hi Morgan,

    My favorite show that is currently airing is the Walking Dead. I am intrigued by zombies and dystopian culture so it is a great mix of the two. I pretty much fall for any action, fantasy, sci-fi show out there. So far, the Walking Dead is the best show in those genres that is currently running. Now, if Person of Interest made a comeback, that would be the best day ever.

    Re: Current Favorite TV Show?

    Hey Morgan,

    Well I am not watching the newest season as I need to get caught up but The Walking Dead is my favorite show airing right now. American Horror Story would follow in 2nd place, which I am watching it currently but I do need to catch up on a couple episodes. The Walking Dead is on AMC and American Horror Story is on FX.

    A show I am looking forward to that is returning with their 6th season is The 100 which comes on The CW. I think I saw it should come back in February 2019.


    Re: Current Favorite TV Show?


    My current favorite show is Black-ish. It’s a family show that comes on BET. It very funny and interesting to watch, because I love watching this show so much. It has Anthony Anderson and Tracy Ellis Ross in the tv series, just a couple of big name actors and actresses. I’m big fans of them very much so I knew I would love the show.


    Re: Current Favorite TV Show?

    Hello Morgan

    A tv show that I currently watch that I really like is a Japanese reality show called Terrance House. It is a show of how 6 strangers live in a house together and get to know each other to see if their is a chance of love or friendship. I personally like the show because of the characters and sometimes the small conflicts between the different people that are there. Sometimes mixed and not just born Japanese people go on the show and when they leave for whatever reason they must announce it to the other members of Terrance House. Which personally to me makes the show better to see their reactions and how it effects them.


    Re: Current Favorite TV Show?

    Hi Morgan ,

    I am HOOKED on “ This Is Us”!!! It is a tear jerker every week, but I LOVE it!!! It makes you think about your own relationships and your life . It is on Tuesdays on NBC @ 8 PM.

    Have a great day!!!

    Thanks for the forum,

    Re: Current Favorite TV Show?

    Hi Morgan,

    My current favorite TV show is The Walking Dead. I have been a big fan of zombies since I could remember. I used to lay in bed with my mom and we would watch the SYFY channel. Most of the movies that were on had zombies in them. I guess you could say that I like scary and syfy movies in general.

    Thanks for the forum,

    Re: Current Favorite TV Show?

    I like a wide range of shows. Right now I am watching Manifest and The Good Place! I didn't think I would like The Good Place, but its actually become a show I could watch a few times. Its hilarious and has a good cast ensemble. I love Kristin Bell